Pixi: Lip & Line in Peony Pretty

I received this Pixi Lip & Line in Peony Pretty ($18.00) in this month's Birchbox. When I saw this item inside my box, I couldn't have been more excited. I have never tried Pixi cosmetics but I do know that many rave about the products. I love lipsticks so this product couldn't have been a better pick for my first foray into Pixi. When I first saw the rosy pink coloring of the peony pretty liner and lipstick, I immediately thought about how great this particular shade would be, for the coming fall/winter months. I love my neutral lip colors as much as the next, but sometimes I favor a little bit of the drama and depth that deeper lip colors induce. 

Arm Swatches: Top-Liner, Bottom-Lipstick

Quick Product Facts: (source)
*Lip liner contains a waterproof formula and anti-feathering properties that will help lipstick stay in place
*The long-lasting lipstick is infused with anti-aging ingredients that help hydrate lips
*Contains Vitamin E to offer lips protection, and Vitamin C to fight off free radicals
*Paraben free, preservative free, and mineral oil free

To be honest, I hardly-if ever, use lip liners. I have never really gotten around to taking a particular interest in them, even though I know that they are superb to lengthen the wear of lipsticks. I was happy that this double-ended duo contained a liner because maybe this way, I can start familiarizing myself with them more and make lip liners part of my lip routine. 

The lip liner and lipstick are both the same color match, which I think is great because that way, the end result is much more seamless and natural looking. The consistency of the liner is a bit drier than I expected it to be. The liner tugged at the skin a little, and it doesn't really blend at the edges as well as I would like it to. The liner sets fast and once it's on, there's not really much room to work with it. The lipstick on the other hand, had a much more pleasant, creamier texture. It glided on the lips effortlessly and provided a rich burst of color. I thought the finish of the lipstick wold for sure be creamy since it glided on so easily, but I would say the finish is more semi-matte. The finish doesn't accentuate my dry spots, but it can enhance the flakes. I suggest prepping the lips before application, in order to obtain the best results.

Both the liner and lipstick feel a tad heavy on my lips-definitely not lightweight. I can feel that my lips are coated with product. It also has a tacky feel on the lips, too. I wasn't impressed with the longevity of this product. The color fades on me within the 2 hour mark, and when it does, it leaves behind a stain, which is actually quite pretty. But after a few hours, the stain too fades and all I am left with is an unflattering line around my lips. Remarkably, once everything fades, my lips don't feel dry or stripped of. So, I can reapply with ease, if need be.

Overall: I think Peony Pretty is a gorgeous color, and the fact that this is a travel-friendly product is a nice bonus. But the dryness of the liner, and the heavy feel of the liner and lipstick do put me off a bit. Not to mention, the lasting power isn't so great either. Since the liner had a dry texture, I was certain that it would act as a base and make the lipstick hang on for a good while. But alas, that wasn't the case. I will continue to use this product because quite frankly, it's a nice shade for the fall and, I guess I don't mind reapplying-just as long as it doesn't dry out my lips, which this doesn't do. 

What do you all think of Pixi's Lip & Line in Peony Pretty? Which are your favorite Pixi products?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. This item was included in my birchbox, that I purchased a subscription for.


  1. I got this product in my BirchBox too! I haven't really used it because I actually forgot about it lol...But I want to take it out and start using it, cause I was excited about it!

    1. When you get the chance to try it out, let me know how you like it, and if it lasted longer on for you than it did for me :)

  2. had so much promise but oh well with the lasting power :-/ i like a duo like that, 2 in 1, but not if it doesn't work well!

    1. I was bummed out about this duo's lasting abilities :( But it is a nice color, though. Gonna come in handy for the coming fall/winter.