The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulations for endorsements and testimonials in advertising, went into full effect on December 1, 2009. As of March 2013, the FTC has since updated their disclosure guidelines, which can be viewed here.

These regulations require that people disclose weather or not the product(s) they are featuring were gifted by PR, part of an advertising / paid endorsement deal with the company, or something they personally purchased themselves. Basically, the goal of this regulation is to stop misleading costumers, and to protect the interest of the consumers.

The majority of the items I review on this blog are purchased by me, but once in awhile I do get sent (free) items for review consideration. When I do post about such products, rest assured that I will always share my most honest thoughts and opinions with you all. I would never cheat you (my readers) into buying a product to benefit that company and/or myself. 

From now on, you will be seeing a disclaimer button (beginning of post) and a disclaimer note (end of post), that states how I obtained the product(s). They may include purchased, referral, sponsored, gifted or affiliate links.

I also think it's worth mentioning that its a good idea to keep in mind that if a product works or doesn't work for me, you may or may not experience the same results as I did. I am not held responsible if a product did not work out for your specific needs, or if it/they caused a sort of negative reaction. Everybody's skin reacts differently to products, and it's always best to make sure you know your skin well enough to know what it can or can't tolerate. Always proceed with caution when it comes to trying new products.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at MakeupMomentBlog@Yahoo.com

Thank You