Nail Of The Day: Forever 21 Nail Polishes + Swatches

Hey Dolls,

A few weeks ago, I stopped by Forever 21 and purchased two nail polish shades. I really love Forever 21's nail polishes from their love and beauty cosmetics line. I think the quality and texture of the polishes are superb, and not to mention how easy and smooth the application is. I really like the various selections of colors and finishes available. All this for the price of only $2.80 a bottle? Can't beat that!

I picked up the shades Pink and Orchid.

(click all images to enlarge)

Pink ($2.80)

This color does not really look pink to me. Well, it looks more like a coral with a bit of pink mixed in. Please pardon me, I am really bad when it comes to describing nail polish colors. LOL! This polish is a cream, and it applied like a dream-no streaks, or air bubbles. The formula is just right-semi thick, but very workable. In the picture above, I am wearing two coats of pink and a clear, shiny top coat. You can even get away with one coat for an opaque coverage if you wanted to. 

Orchid is a medium light purple, that contains fine, golden shimmers. In all honesty, I picked up Orchid on a whim. It looked pretty in the bottle but I really don't like it on my nails. This color is definitely not my cup of tea. The formula is a little watery-but, there is a hint of creaminess in there as well. The first coat went on a bit sheer and streaky, then with the second coat I got a bit more coverage. I still noticed some streak marks on my nails, though. In the picture above I am wearing two coats of Orchid, and no top coat. You may not be able to tell by my swatch picture above, but the golden shimmers are apparent on the nails, and they feel really smooth as well. 

All the Forever 21 nail polishes that I have tried, have really quick drying times. These two being no exception. I am impressed by the lasting power of them as well. It's not until a good 4 or 5 days, that I actually start to see some chipping and tip wear. 

What do you all think of Forever 21 nail polishes? Let me know in the comments section, lovelies!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased these products, for my personal use.