Review│Kylie Cosmetics In Love With The Koko Liquid Lip Collection

Hey, dolls! I hope the new year is being kind to you all so far. I was so ready to see 2017 go. To be honest, it wasn't really one of the best years for me. But I am fully embracing and welcoming 2018 and the new experiences it will bring.

Today I am going to review for you the Kylie Cosmetics In love With The Koko Liquid Lip Collection, which was done in collaboration with big sis Khloe. 

The set contains three matte liquid lipsticks and a gorgeous, dazzling gloss.

I'm all for the shiny gold tubes of the liquid lip colors. They have a pretty nice weight to them, and they are super glam. The matte liquid lipsticks come with an angled tip sponge applicator, and the gloss contains a small brush applicator. There are all so easy to apply, with very clean and precise results.

Color Breakdown
Bunny: cool mauve
Doll: vivid tangerine
Baby Girl: warm coral
Sugar Plum: shimmery midtone nude gloss

Swatches From L-R: Bunny, Baby Girl, Doll, Sugar Plum

I am no stranger to Kylie Cosmetics' matte liquid lipsticks. Like the rest, the matte liquid lipsticks in this set are super intense when it comes to color payoff. One-two layers yields full and even coverage. I wouldn't say that these-or the other matte liquid lipsticks in the Kylie Cosmetics range, are the most moisturizing liquid lipsticks out there (strange since these contain moisturizing ingredients); but they don't really feel uncomfortable or heavy on the lips. They can enhance flakes and dryness though, so make sure to prep lips before applying. These matte liquid lipsticks are fairly long wearing, more so when it comes to the brighter shades. They dry and set really quickly too.

As for the gloss, it contains vitamin e and other ingredients that help hydrate and moisturize. It also has natural enhancers which provide volume to lips. I have been all about liquid lipsticks for some time now, and I have totally been neglecting my glosses. That needs to change because I am really enjoying this gloss. The nude with the shimmers is so gorgeous, and I love how juicy and plump my lips look when I wear this. The gloss is on the thicker side, but I like that since the texture just adds to it's lasting power.

In case you were wondering, yes the matte liquid lipsticks and gloss are scented. I would describe the fragrance as fruity with a hint of sweetness. It's not my favorite but I guess I can tolerate it since it doesn't linger for too long.

If you are into lip colors like these, the In Love With The Koko Liquid Lip Collection by Kylie Cosmetics is a pretty nice set to look into-especially if you have been curious to try some lip products from Kylie Cosmetics. My favorites from the set are the Sugar Plum gloss, and the Doll and Bunny matte liquid lipsticks. I think the $40 price for the set is a pretty good deal, considering that the original price of a single Kylie Cosmetics matte liquid lipstick is $17, and a gloss goes for $15.



What do you all think of this liquid lip set? 
Which are your favorite Kylie Cosmetics products?

Disclaimer: Purchased by me.

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