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For the past couple of weeks, I have been testing out a few beauty and skincare products from No7 and so far, I am really digging what I have tried; their Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trios are among the lucky bunch. Each of the compacts contain three high-impact, long wearing, crease proof eyeshadows that suit a range of looks.

The lineup consists of eight trios that each bring something different to the table. There is literally something for everyone, when it comes to colors, tones, and finishes. Not to mention, the shades compliment each other perfectly. With the Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trios, gone are the days of figuring out what shadow color to pair with what, since the trios pretty much do all the guesswork for you.

Emerald Stones

Warm Nudes

Sugar Plum

Cool Nudes

High Seas

Pink Blossom

Golden Sands

Smoky Grey

The eyeshadows are for the most part consistent throughout. The texture of the powder is ridiculously smooth-with very minimal fallout. The eyeshadows blend out fairly simple but don't overdo it on the blending, or else you risk the shadow colors getting lost into each other. And the pigmentation on these is fairly decent. The eyeshadows provide good enough color to satisfy me.

While still on the topic of pigmentation, I found that applying the eyeshadows with a damp brush helped intensify the color more. Of course, if a softer effect is more your thing just use the eyeshadows as they are. The end result is still super pretty nonetheless, and the longevity doesn't disappoint (atop an eye primer).

I also wanted to point out that a lot of these trios lack a transitional eyeshadow color. I don't know about any of you but I have to apply a transition color on my crease. An eye look is never complete without one-for me at least. So when using the Stay Perfect Eyeshadow trios, I typically have to incorporate a transition sort of shade from another one of my eyeshadow palettes. But I don't really mind it though.

Swatches Of A Few Of My Favorites

Warm Nudes

Emerald Stones

Smoky Grey

The swatches above are of the eyeshadows dry. Now that I think about it, I should have also swatched the eyeshadows wet, so you guys could see the difference between the color intensity. I will probably update this post with swatch pictures of the eyeshadows applied wet, at a later date.

Next time you find yourself in the beauty isle over at Target and Ulta, consider browsing the No7 section and take a closer look at the Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trios. They are fun, easy to use, and the range is pretty extensive so a few are sure to catch your eye.

$9.99 each

Target, Ulta, and select Walgreens and Duane Reade locations

What do you all think of No7's Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trios?

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  1. These trios are gorgeous - nice and compact but you get enough product for them to last you a good amount of time. These would be super handy for travelling. I like the warm nudes trio and think I would use that one a lot.

    1. Hey Vicki, yes the warm nudes one is great! One of my favorites, for sure.