Review│Social Eyes Lashes, Lash Glue, Lash Tweezers

I absolutely love false lashes. They add such a fun flair to an eye look, whether it's minimal or dramatic. I first came across Social Eyes while browsing Instagram one day. I took one look at their products, and I was instantly intrigued with their beautiful lashes. My opportunity to finally give Social Eyes lashes a try arrived when Ipsy had a Social Eyes offer running a few weeks ago, which included two pairs of lashes, a lash glue, and lash tweezers.

Flirt Lashes: These lashes add the perfect amount of volume, length, and definition without being over the top. If you love natural looking lashes, these are a great pick. ($7.95)

Ravishing Lashes: If a little more fullness and drama to your lashes is what you are looking for, the Ravishing lashes have got you covered. They are great to sport with any eye look, but I especially like to pair these with a smokey eye. ($7.95)

Lash Glue: This lash glue is latex-free, vegan, and non-toxic. It adheres very well and keeps the lashes on all throughout wear time. It dries clear, too. ($6.50)

Lash Tweezers: I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by these lash tweezers when I first saw them. But surprisingly, they were really easy to use. They gave me no trouble when I used them to apply my lashes. As a matter of fact, I noticed that my lash application was much neater, precise, and quicker than when I used traditional tweezers. ($8.95)

Overall: I can't get enough of these products from Social Eyes. The lashes look great, they are easy to apply, and most importantly, they feel super lightweight on. They are also affordable and vegan-friendly, too. I can't wait to try more styles from the range! As for the lash glue and lash tweezers, I think they are definitely handy to have around. Especially the lash tweezers, which really facilitates lash application. Needless to say, I was not disappointed with my Social Eyes experience.

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What do you all think of Social Eyes lashes? Any recommendations?

Disclaimer: Purchased by me.

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