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Benefit and international fashion designer Matthew Williamson have come together to bring us a super cool limited edition makeup kit, filled with products that will have us flashing back to the glam days of disco. Now, I wasn't around during the 70's disco era, but I am quite sure that it was all about the fun and glam back then. Curated with rich shades inspired by Williamson's vibrant prints, The Rich Is Back ($34) makeup kit conveys a fun and glam factor, in a very modern way.

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All of the items are housed in a spacious box, that contains a rather large mirror, as well as a magnetic closure. I can't help but swoon over the beautiful and vivid print on the box. Isn't it just gorgeous? Benefit gets me every time with their cute, retro packaging.

I think it's pretty neat that the makeup trays which hold the products, are easily removable and not glued down to the base of box. Once the trays are all pulled out, you can reuse the box to store little trinkets inside, like jewelry.

Disco Dust, Solid Gold, Get Down Brown, Feel So Teal Eyeshadows: I really enjoy the mix of neutral shades with the inclusion of a brighter one. It's certainly an interesting combination. Disco Dust is a nude beige that makes for a fabulous highlighter in the inner corners of the eye and brow bone area. Solid Gold is a rich gold that beautifully dazzles on the lids. Get Down Brown is a golden bronze that effortlessly defines the crease and outer parts of the lid, to add more depth and dimension to the eyes. Feel So Teal plays the unexpected pop of color role so very well. I like to apply this one on my lower lash line and/or outer corners.

All four shadows are shimmered. They each have a nice smooth texture, and are easy to blend. I was pretty pleased with the pigmentation of the shadows, but I did have to be careful when applying them because they tend to produce a bit of fall out under my eyes. I suggest patting on the colors, as well as using light strokes when blending, in order to minimize the fall out. When it came to longevity, I wasn't too impressed with these in that aspect. 5-6 hours into wear, I noticed that the shadows had faded and creased a bit. And that was atop an eyeshadow primer.

They're Real! Mascara: When I first tried this mascara a couple of months ago, I didn't immediately love it. I wasn't keen on the wet formula, and it clumped up on me like cray-cray. I put off using this mascara for awhile after my not so pleasant experience with it. But later on, I decided to pull it out again and give it another try. And it was then that I realized that They're Real! is one of those mascaras that performs better with time. After finally getting the hang of this mascara and experiencing it's full potential, it's since become one of my favorites. They're Real pretty much gives my lashes what I look for when it comes to mascaras-length, definition, curl, and volume. Check out my REVIEW of They're Real! mascara, if you'd like to read my more detailed thoughts on it.

Inferno Lip Gloss: I love the juicy, sheer ruby red tint that this mini sized gloss imparts on my lips. The shimmers in it are lovely, and not overwhelming in the slightest. Inferno has a delicious non-artificial sweet fruity fragrance, and the texture of the gloss is pleasantly smooth and not too thick. It feels really comfortable on, as well. The tube has a slanted tip applicator that easily distributes and spreads the gloss onto lips. Unfortunately, long lasting is not one of this gloss' strengths. After an hour or two, the gloss completely vanishes off my lips. This doesn't dry out my lips, though. So that's good.

Gimme Fever Cheek Powder: I was quite surprised by this cheek powder. Just by looking at it in the pan, I was sure that it was going to be on the sheer side. But it actually gives my cheeks a natural looking warm peachy flush, along with a radiant finish, which hangs on all day. I haven't been this excited about a blush in a long time. I have been sporting the Gimme Fever cheek powder non-stop since I first got this kit. Needless to say, I am in love. This cheek powder is easy to blend, smooth to the touch, and the color can be built upon with no fuss. There are some sparkly bits throughout the powder, but I find that their appearance tones down once I start to blend and work the powder onto my cheeks with a brush.

This kit also includes an accompanying mini brush, for the application of the cheek powder. The brush is handy for traveling, and it's pretty soft too. But I usually stick to applying this powder with my everyday blush brush. Just my personal preference.

L-R: Disco Dust, Solid Gold, Get Down Brown, Feel So Teal Eyeshadows, Inferno Lip Gloss, Gimme Fever Cheek Powder

Illustrated Tips & Tricks Booklet, which showcases where/how to apply the products

Overall: If you are an enthusiast of makeup value sets, I think Benefit's The Rich Is Back is a fun one that is worth a closer look. I found the eyeshadow colors to be very nice-especially the teal one, and the shimmery finish is right up my alley. But I wasn't too crazy about their short wear time. I do have oilier lids though, so maybe those of you with normal/dry lids will fare better with wear than I did. They're Real mascara is a daily staple for me, so I am glad I got another miniature sized spare in this kit. As for the Inferno lip gloss, I love it's mirror-shine finish, and the fact that it doesn't feel sticky on my lips is a plus. My favorite item in this kit has got to be the Gimme Fever cheek powder, hands down. I love everything about it, and I wish it was sold separately because I would purchase it without a second thought. It's just that beautiful.

What do you all think of Benefit's The Rich Is Back makeup kit?

Disclaimer: Purchased by me.


  1. Freaking gorg shades! I own no benefit products but I'd love a kit to start of with or the mascara or a cream shadow! I must see if sephora has this!

    1. Hey, Sharlynn! I think this kit would be a nice one to start with, if you are new to Benefit's products. I highly recommend their cheek powders, though. My favorites are Hoola, Dallas, and my newest addition-Coralista!