Julie G Nail Colors: Birthday Suit, Bikini, Gelato In Venice

Hey, dolls! I hope you are all having a lovely day. Today I am going to be sharing with you all my thoughts-along with swatches, of the three Julie G nail colors that I picked up at IMATS back in April. While choosing which shades to get, I pretty much had summer in mind. So of course, I had to go with a couple of summer-ready colors that were sure to fit the bill.

Three coats, no topcoat

Birthday Suit: Milky pink creme. I am sure this pick comes to no surprise, seeing as I love and frequently sport similar shades like this one. There is just something about a milky pink creme that always has me coming back. Not only is the color beautifully understated, but it also gives a delicate look/feel to the hands. Super pretty. Birthday Suit went on streaky and patchy on the first coat, but a second-third coat resulted in opaque coverage, and helped even things out.

Four coats, no topcoat

Bikini: Neon pink creme. This shade just screams summer, with its showstopping vibrant hue. I am actually rocking Bikini on my toes at this moment and I just love it! It's going to be a summer staple pedi color for sure. Bikini proved to be quite tricky when it came down to application. I found this nail color to be very streak prone and super patchy. Thick coats are essential to obtain the best and smoothest looking results. Three-four coats usually does it for me. Since I love the color so much, I am willing to put in the extra work.

Two coats, no topcoat

Gelato In Venice: Mint green creme. This color may not be really unique, but it never hurts to have a couple of mint green nail colors in your collection. If you are a fan of mint green cremes, Gelato In Venice will not disappoint. The color is not only striking, but it had the best formula out of the three. I achieved opaque and smooth results with just two coats.

I loved that these resulted in a shiny finish when dry. Bikini had a semi matte finish-as most neons do, but the shine did peek through, eliminating a completely flat look. Of course, the addition of a glossy top coat heightens the shine factor a great deal. When it comes to lasting power, these do pretty well in that department. It's not until the fourth or fifth day in, that I start to see some tip wear and chipping.

Overall: For the most part, I am very pleased with my latest Julie G nail color additions. I found that the formulas were a little inconsistent, but they can definitely be worked with as long as one has the right application method down. Remember, thick coats is best with these.

What do you all think of these Julie G nail colors? Which are your favorites?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased these products for my personal use.


  1. Such cute colours! They are the colours that I'm going to wear during summertime!
    Lovely blog :(
    Much love,
    Suz x


  2. Love the coral and mint green, i've been seeing this pink bright coral shimmer from revlon and I want it on my nails NOW! ^^

    1. OOOO sounds nice! I love brights for Summer :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 09, 2022

    Love the bikini color. It's incredible!!