Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman: Blush Brush

Real Techniques brushes have become one of my favorites. Ever since I first tried the stippling brush and the core collection brushes, I can't seem to put them down. They are an absolute bargain for the superb quality, and they always get the job done. While shopping over at a nearby Bed Bath & Beyond store a few weeks ago, I was surprised to see that they carried a few Real Techniques brushes. Since it was one that had been on my wishlist for quite some time, I went ahead and picked up the blush brush ($8.89). Good thing to, since it was the last one left on display! It was obviously meant to be :)  

This blush brush is comprised of taklon bristles that feel amazing against the skin-so soft and plush! 

I initially got this brush for powdered blush application but, I have found that I much prefer this brush for other uses instead. Because the head of the brush is quite large, I can't seem to get the precise blush application that I am looking for. Also, the brush doesn't pick up enough of the blush color, so I usually have to keep going back to layer on some more of the blush until I get the intensity that I desire.

Not all is lost, though. Just because this brush didn't quite work for me as a blush applicator, doesn't mean that it's not great for other purposes. For starters, I think this brush works wonders for bronzer application. Sometimes I can get a bit heavy-handed with bronzers, and since this brush picks up a bit of product at a time, I can easily build up the bronzer to achieve a softened bronzed look, that beautifully blends into my skin without looking overdone. I also like using this brush to apply a light dusting of finishing powder-specifically, my Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder.

I have cleansed this brush a few times and I am happy to report that the brush hairs have still retained their softness and shape, after they dry overnight. I haven't experienced any shedding of the hairs either, so that's a plus.

Overall: I am really happy that I added this brush to my arsenal. It makes for a great bronzing/finishing powder brush, and it has easily become one of my new staples. I can't wait to try some more Real Techniques brushes. I have my eye on the expert face brush, next!

What do you all think of the Real Techniques blush brush? Which are your favorite Real Techniques brushes?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased the products mentioned in this post for my personal use.   


  1. I love this brush! It's not too dense so it applies product without disturbing foundation x

  2. One of my favorite brushes!

    1. Awesome, Rai! So glad to hear that you are loving this brush :)