theBalm: Hot Mama!

I am sure that many of you have probably already been acquainted with theBalm's Hot Mama! Shadow/Blush ($19.00). This stunner is a shadow, highlighter, and blush all in one. How convenient! Hot Mama! has a cult following, that grows everyday. Many love Hot Mama! and now, I think I know why.

Check it out!

Hot Mama! is a gorgeous peachy pink, that contains loads of fine golden shimmers. This beauty comes housed in a rectangular, sturdy cardboard compact, with an easy to open magnetic closure, as well as a handy mirror inside. I am a sucker for pretty packaging and the retro, tropical lady on the cover is a really fun touch. Makes me wish I was on a beach. Now, as for the product itself...AMAZING! Hot Mama! has great pigmentation and a lovely smooth texture, that literally feels like silk, when going on the skin. Very luxurious.

On my cheeks, I get the prettiest pop of color that looks natural, and never overdone. I can easily build on the color, too. A light layer creates a pretty flush, or I can go heavier on the application, for a softer intensity. Either way, the results are just stunning, and very natural looking.

I do find that the golden shimmers are pretty apparent on the cheeks but, they definitely don't look overbearing at all. They actually give off a luminosity that pairs well with the peachy pink coloring of the blush. Sort of like a highlight. As for lasting power, Hot Mama! sure plays well in that department, holding on all day with very minimal fading.

Overall, I am very pleased with Hot Mama! and it has already become one of my most-reached for blushes so far, this summer. I haven't tried Hot Mama! as an eyeshadow color yet but, I have no doubt that it is going to look fab as a quick wash of color on the lids. If you love warm, peachy pink blushes that give off a high quality, luminous glow, Hot Mama! has got you covered. 

What do you all think of Hot Mama! Which are your favorite theBalm products?

Disclaimer: My blog is sponsored by I was provided with a gift card, and I purchased this product with the gift card funds. My reviews are always honest, not influenced, and my own.


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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! Have you tried any products from theBalm, before? If you have, what did you think of them?

  2. I love the name and the color!! Great swatch :)

  3. The color looks beautiful! I love theBalm, their Frat Boy blush is gorgeous! :)

    1. Thanks, Aly! OOOO, I haven't tried Frat Boy. But I think I want to try all of the theBalm cheek colors. This product impressed me so much, that I am sure they are all gorgeous!