NARS Nail Polish: Trouville

When I saw NARS's Nail Polish in Trouville ($18.00)-which is part of NARS's Summer 2012 collection, over at Sephora, I just couldn't resist picking it up. Besides being a sucker for creamy pinks, I have always been curious to try NARS nail polishes so, I thought  now seemed like a good time to do so. 

3 Coats applied, no topcoat

Trouville is a gorgeous semi-cool, medium pink cream. I can't get enough of girly colors like this one. I think one can never have enough of them. Although I love the color, I can't say the same about the formula. Now, I don't normally shell out $18.00 for a nail polish. And if I do so, I expect the formula to perform exceptionally well. The formula on this one was a bit tricky and, certain techniques are definitely needed in order to obtain the best application results possible, with this nail color.

The first coat went on streaky, sheer, and patchy. That was expected so, I proceeded to go ahead and apply a second coat. With the second coat, I still spotted a few streaks-not as bad, but if not careful, they will look really apparent. Ultimately, a third and/or fourth coat is a must, seeing as that completely evened everything out and banished the streaks and unevenness. I like that this formula isn't super thick that it bunches up and gets gooey, as a result of the application of numerous coats. I also want to add that using semi-thick coats worked best for me, as opposed to thin ones.

When it came to coverage, I got opaque results with the second and third coats. But, I did experience some visible nail line. It's barely noticeable though, and I am quite content with the coverage level. Drying time wasn't too bad. I would advise to let the polish dry thoroughly in between coats, in order to yield faster drying results.

On a more positive note, I am surprised that this nail color gave me smooth looking results. I was not expecting that so, that was a nice surprise. And, it also dried to a glossy shiny finish. Love that! I have been sporting Trouville on my nails for 3 days now and I have yet to see any chipping, or tip wear-and that's without a top coat!


Overall, if you love girly pinks and, are willing to work with the formula, then Trouville may be a good fit for you. I am a bit disappointed that I didn't have much luck with this nail color formula-wise, being as it was my first experience with a NARS nail polish. But, I love this color so much that I am willing to overlook my formula troubles with Trouville. At least the end results turned out pretty good, showing that Trouville has enough potential to be one of my staple summer, nail colors.

What do you all think or Trouville? Which NARS nail colors are your favorites?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product for my personal use. 

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