E.L.F. Nail Polish Set

I have always been a huge fan of E.L.F. nail colors. I think they are a great little bargain find and, there is a nice selection to choose from. For the most part, I have been pretty happy with the few E.L.F. nail colors that I have accumulated. While browsing the E.L.F. website, I happened to spot this E.L.F. Nail Polish Set ($4.99). And of course, I added it to my online shopping cart. How could I not have? All four colors in the set are just stunning! Not to mention, they all practically scream "Summer!".

Let's take a look!

Left To Right: Coral Dream, Flirty Fuchsia, Party Peach, Smokin' Hot
Coral Dream (3 coats, no topcoat)
Coral Dream: Bright, peach-coral. When I first saw this color, I instantly fell in love. It was actually a shade that I have been longing for, since I don't think I have any like it in my nail polish collection. And even though the color is a beauty, I can't say the same about the formula. This was probably the toughest polish to work with, out of the four. Besides dealing with the uncomfortable, thick consistency, I also had to deal with some streaking as well. When applying Coral Dream, I suggest letting the color dry for several minutes, in between coats. If not, the polish tends to drag on the nail. You can reach opacity in one coat with this one but, a second or third coat would be best, to even everything out. Although the formula of coral dream was less than stellar, it is still a lovely color. I just have to really take my time with it, to make it work.
Flirty Fuchsia (3 coats, no topcoat)
Flirty Fuchsia: Bright, bubblegum-pink. When sandal season is in full effect, I just love to sport colors like this one, on my toes . You can never go wrong with a basic pink. The formula on this one was really nice. Each coat applied smoothly, and I got opaque coverage with three coats. Flirty Fuchsia is definitely one of my favorites in this set.
Party Peach (3 coats, no topcoat)
Party Peach: Bright orange-coral. Colors like this one are always fun to have-especially when you want to make a bold statement. I am happy to report that the formula on this one was nice, as well. The first coat applies a bit sheer so, a second and third coat is required for opaqueness.
Smokin' Hot (2 coats, no topcoat)
Smokin' Hot: Bright, tomato red. This nail color is probably my most favorite out of the bunch in this set. I know that colors like this one are really common but, there is something about a vivid, tomato-red, that I just love. It's so classic and fun all at the same time. I already know that I am going to be rocking this nail color quite frequently this summer. I would say that the formula on this one, was the best out of the four nail polishes. Each coat went on amazingly well and, felt really smooth going on. The first coat went on sheer, but the second coat evened everything out and provided opacity.


Drying time on these were a bit of a let-down. The other E.L.F. nail colors that I own dry relatively quick, but these took a much, much longer time to dry. Patience is definitely required. All of the nail colors are creams, and they all dried to a shiny, glossy finish. Love that! As for lasting power, I typically get 2-3 days wear with E.L.F. nail colors, before I start to see some tip wear and chips. But, I am sure these could last a bit longer with a lasting top coat. Before I forget to mention, all of the nail colors contain Vitamin E, with helps promote healthier and stronger nails. The polishes are also cruelty-free and formulated without Formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene.

Overall, I think this set is pretty nifty to have in your stash. It's inexpensive, and you get four nail colors that are sure to set you up for these warmer months, ahead. 

What do you all think of this E.L.F. Nail Set? Is it something you are interested in picking up?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product for my personal use.  


  1. These shades are gorgeous! Coral Dream is sooo pretty!

    1. I know! The color is gorgeous, but the formula is a pain, LOL!

  2. love coral dream! so pretty!

    1. The color is gorg, Alicia :) Have you tried any E.L.F. nail colors before?

  3. Those are some pretty nail colors!