My Trip To Puerto Rico: Part 1

Sun going down at the beach
Hey dolls, I am back! As you all know, I went to Puerto Rico last week and it was such an amazing experience. The people are so welcoming, the beaches were just lovely and had amazing sights, the weather was nice, and I can't rave enough about the delicious foods that I ate. I just loved it over there and, I hope to go back soon!

Here are just a few of the pictures that I am going to show you all, today. I still have yet to post more pictures that I want to share but, since I don't want to make this post picture heavy, I am going to break it into two parts.

Here is the first batch!

Jonathan (the hub) walking through the airport in Puerto Rico
The love of my life :)
Waiting at the airport in PR for family to come pick us up
Jonathan and I in front of Zumbador bar/lounge-this place was right by the beach!
This was probably the best yuca and ribs that I have ever tasted!
A meal wouldn't be complete without tostones!
Jonathan's favorite-oven roasted, half a chicken
View of the street from the apartment balcony
View of the pool-we hardly went to it because the beach was only 2 blocks away!
When it came to makeup, I always kept it light and natural
Ready to hit the beach!

Jonathan made me laugh! :) 
My sandals :) 
More food!
Jonathan enjoying the lovely view!
The streets of Old San Juan-beautiful!
Jonathan and I
Yummy after dinner treat!
The food stands in the street carried the best food. Everything was made fresh and was simply amazing. 

Thanks for stopping by and, I hope you all enjoyed! Be back soon with more pics :)


  1. i love your blog:***

  2. That food looks delicious!!

  3. :D You defenately changed lol! (in a good way).
    I'm 13 and you inspired me to do my blog which is BeautyMoment (insparation not copying..I hope you dont mind me naming it that!) And you are my favourit blogger FOR SURE.Keep on the good work! <3

    1. WOW Linda, Thank You so much for your kind words! It really means a lot to me that you enjoy my blog so much, and that I inspired you to start your own! Can't wait to see what you have in store for readers!!!! :)