E.L.F. Studio Brushes: Angled Foundation Brush and Mineral Powder Brush

I know, I know. More E.L.F. But, I just could not wait to share these new E.L.F. Studio, face brushes with you all. These brushes are too good to pass up! Allow me to introduce you all to the Angled Foundation brush, and the Mineral Powder brush ($3.00, each).

Angled Foundation Brush: This angled foundation brush contains soft, taklon bristles that feel amazingly soft on the skin. Although this brush is meant for liquid foundation, I haven't been using it for that purpose. When it comes to applying foundations, I much prefer to use my beauty blender sponge, stippling brush, or a flat top brush. But, I have been using this brush loads for applying and blending out concealer, under my eye area and on certain areas of my face. I absolutely love how easily it gets the job done. The fact that this brush is angled is great because, it helps me comfortably blend the concealer in hard to reach, curved areas. Love!

Mineral Powder Brush: This brush is just phenomenal. Its probably my favorite out of the two. I really like how tightly packed the round dome, soft taklon bristles are, in the ferrule. The brush is semi-dense, but definitely fluffy as well. Its a great combination, I think. I have been using this brush to not only contour but, to also apply my blush with. This brush blends my cheek products beautifully and, I also love how the small brush head allows me to get precise application, when I contour. Its so easy to concentrate the product just where you want it. It sort of reminds me of the MAC 109 brush.

I have washed both brushes since I got them and, I am happy to report that I experienced absolutely no shedding during the process. As for drying time, I found that the mineral powder brush was completely dry in about 3-4 hours. But the angled foundation brush needed to be left out overnight, for it to dry properly. Once both brushes were dry, they still remained as soft as ever, and they didn't lose their shape. I think the quality is definitely there when it comes to these brushes. They look sleek, feel sturdy and, I can see these lasting a long time.

Overall, I am really pleased with both of these brushes and I am happy that these treasures are the newest additions to my makeup brush arsenal. If you are looking for affordable, nice quality face brushes, I suggest giving these a closer look. You might just love them as much as I do.

What do you all think of these brushes, from E.L.F.? Which are your favorite E.L.F. makeup brushes?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased these products for my personal use.


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    1. Thank You, Jazmin :) Do you have any E.L.F. brushes that you love?