Love & Beauty Cheek Color

Hey Dolls! I hope you are all doing well. I am so sorry for the lack of posts, but the internet at my place is down. I am actually blogging on the hub's computer. The technician is scheduled to come over this Friday to fix the problem so, hopefully everything will be back in order soon. I have so much to share with you all!

Today, I am bringing you a review on another one of Forever 21's Love & Beauty makeup items. This time, its the Love & Beauty cheek color in pink/multi ($4.80). I really hope that I am not boring you all with these Love & Beauty reviews. But if I am, please hold on a tiny bit longer. I only have one more product I want to share with you all, after this one that I will be reviewing today :)

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I am not going to deny that once again, I was suckered into buying this product because of the packaging. The sleek, square shaped black compact with the cheetah print-plus the heart imprint in the middle of the powder itself, all make for a very tempting combination. One that is hard for me to resist, obviously. Also included in the compact is a nicely-sized square shaped mirror. Great for carrying on the go. Although I do like the appearance of the packaging, I don't find it to be sturdy at all. And, I am sure if I accidentally dropped it, the powder would no doubt, shatter to bits.

The compact houses two bronze-like shades, as well as two blush colors. Starting with the first row, you get a warm, muted peach blush shade as well as a light golden brown bronzer. Then in the second row, you will find a deeper golden brown bronzer, and a cool, light pink blush color. Three of the shades contain smaller, fine shimmers, while the cool pink is more of a matte. I think that this combination of colors is brilliant. You basically have your blush color and bronzer all in one. The texture of the powder is superb. Its super smooth and it blends easily onto my cheeks. By the way, I love how the heart imprint in the center just adds that instant cute-factor. So fun! 

I was quite surprised at how nicely pigmented these colors were. I was almost certain that I was not going to get much color payoff on my cheeks. Maybe just a highlighting effect, at most. But the color payoff was really great. I love the luminous glow that results from using this powder, but I have noticed that if I overdo it, it can enhance and enlarge the pores on my cheeks. I am pretty sure that this is so because of the shimmers that are in the product. Hence, a little bit of product goes a long way. I have no complaints when it comes to lasting power. I found that this product stayed in tact all day. Oh, before I forget to mention, this product is cruelty free and was not tested on animals. Yay! 

Overall, I am glad that I crossed paths with this cheek color. I think that the quality of the product itself is pretty nice, and the affordable price tag does not hurt either. If any of you spot this cheek color compact, I think this is a product that is definitely worth a look. 

Have any of you tried this cheek color from Love & Beauty? 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product for my personal use. 


  1. The palette design is really cute, I'm such a sucker for hearts.

    I find the quality of Love & Beauty a hit or miss but glad this one worked out for you.

  2. Hey Che,

    I am really loving the palette design as well :)