Color Club: Beyond The Mistletoe

Beyond The Mistletoe ($3.99) is a clear based polish that contains silver glitters, as well as multi-colored holographic glitters. Beyond The Mistletoe was released as part of Color Club's holiday 2011 collection titled, beyond the mistletoe. I found a display of this collection-which consisted of all glitters, at my local Bed Bath And Beyond store. While all of the glittered colors were lovely, beyond the mistletoe was the only one that really stood out to me.

Color Club-Beyond The Mistletoe, 3 coats. Natural daylight, no flash. *Day 2 of wear*

natural light, no flash

natural light, no flash

*The pictures do not do this beauty any justice. While in focus mode, my camera did not want to pick up any of the gorgeous holographic effects so, I added a blurred out picture above so you can see some of the holographic goodness. In any case, trust me when I say that the effect is much cooler in person.

I loved how easy it was to get a good coating of the glitter. You know, with some glitters-especially the bigger and chunkier ones, one has to continue applying a few more coats, in order to get a nice saturation of glitter on the nails. But luckily, with beyond the mistletoe, I got a nice glitter coating with just one coat. Of course, if you want more glitter coverage, you can most definitely add a second and third coat, which is what I like to do.
Beyond the mistletoe looks lovely layered over a solid base nail color but, I actually prefer wearing this one on its own. The glitters pack a lot of punch and personality to shine on their own.

As with most color club nail colors that I have encountered, drying time was quick and, application was easy as can be. One thing that I noticed was the chipping and tip wear that was already happening on just day 2 of wear (if you look at the nail swatch picture above, you can notice the chipping on my index and middle finger). But, I think this was so because I did not seal the polish with a top coat-I wanted to test its wear time alone. Since I experienced early chipping, I would definitely suggest a long lasting top coat for this one.

Beyond the mistletoe is such a pretty and festive glitter and, I am glad to have it on board as part of my nail polish collection. But to be honest with you all, I think I have had enough of glitter nail colors for awhile. I am all glittered-out! LOL! Now, I am ready for the brights, muted nudes, and pastel nail colors, that I am going to be sporting all spring/summer. 

What do you all think of Beyond The Mistletoe? Are any of you glittered-out like I am?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product for my personal use.

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