Mini Bath and Body Works Haul

Hey dolls,

I hope you are all having a lovely day. I did a little shopping yesterday at the mall, and when I passed by the Bath and Body Works store, I saw that they were having one of their fabulous sales. So, of course I had to go in the store and check it out. I wasn't really interested in much of the selection that they had, but I did end up leaving the store with a few things that make for great traveling companions. Two adorable mini, anti-bacterial hand gels, and a mini body lotion.

I had never tried any of the Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial hand gels, so I was excited when I saw these, priced at just $.50 each! I regret not picking up more! I love these! They feel so refreshing once applied to the hands. The gel absorbs instantly, softens my hands, and they smell so good. 

Dipped strawberry smells just like strawberries-of course. There are really fun, tiny sparkles in dipped strawberry that dissolve and disappear when you distribute and rub the gel through your hands. I tried to take a picture of the sparkles, but my camera did not want to work with me. But they are there, I assure you :)

But, my favorite anti-bacterial hand gel has got to be Pink Sugarplum. It smells so heavenly. If you are a fan of sweet scents, then I suggest you pick up pink sugarplum. It smells just like a sweet sugar candy. And the best part is that the sweet scent lingers for a long time on the hands. Yum!

I got this mini, 2 OZ Rio Rumberry body lotion for just $1.00! This body lotion contains a blend of berries, vanilla blossom, and papaya. Yum! To my nose, the papaya definitely is the scent that dominates in this body lotion. But I do get a hint of the underlying vanilla blossom and berry scent, though. When I smooth on this lotion on my arms, they feel super soft and smooth to the touch. Did I mention the smell is amazing? I really love the fact that this lotion is a mini, travel sized version because I am definitely carrying this gem with me everywhere I go. 

Did any of you guys pick up anything from the Bath and Body Works Sale? What are your favorite Bath and Body Works products?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased the products mentioned above for my personal use.


  1. That strawberry stuff smell so good Great Haul!

  2. Great haul!

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