Love & Beauty Nail Polish in Hot Pink

Personally, I find Forever 21's Love & Beauty nail polishes to be either a hit or miss. I have a few Love & Beauty nail colors in my stash, and I have to say, some colors are spectacular, while others leave me underwhelmed. Luckily, this nail color falls into the spectacular category. 

Three coats of Hot Pink, shiny top coat applied on top as well

Hot Pink (original name, huh?), is a bright pink that packs a whole lot of punch. The color is real bright-but not eye blinding neon bright, that contains fine, gold shimmers. I just love the gold sheen that the tiny, gold shimmers impart on my nails. The gold compliments the bright pink, beautifully. The pictures above do not do this nail color any justice. This mani looks so much cooler in person. To really up the fun factor, I added 2 coats of Wet n' Wild's Wild Shine Nail Color in Sparked to my ring fingers.

Application was a breeze. The brush, as well as the easy-grip handle, makes applying the nail color very simple. The first coat went on a bit sheer. I applied a second, and then a third coat to really get opaque and even coverage. I experienced no streaking, or air bubbles during application, and this nail color dried to a semi-glossy finish.

Drying time wasn't too bad. It took about 10-15 minutes for the nail color to be completely dry. I just applied this color last night so, I can't really report on the wear-time. But usually I have luck with the Love & Beauty nail colors when it comes to lasting power. It is not until 3-5 days of wear that I start to see some tip wear and chipping.

I know there are so many bright pink nail colors out there, in the market, and I am sure that you all probably have one in your nail polish stash. But, I think this color is sort of unique-in its own, fun way. I don't think I have a pink like this one in my collection. Plus, the price tag of $2.80 doesn't hurt either. Hot Pink definitely deserves a look if you spot it at a Forever 21 store.

What do you all think of Hot Pink? Which are your favorite Love & Beauty nail colors?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product for my personal use.

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