Hard Candy Fox In A Box Blushes: Truth Or Dare, Skinny Dipping

I finally was able to get my hands on these Hard Candy treasures! I say treasures because these boxed blushes are fantastic! I am in love. I am just in awe because of how amazing the Hard Candy Fox in a Box blushes ($6.00 each) are. Each of these boxed blushes contain two coordinating shades that compliment each other beautifully. Just take a look for yourselves!

Left To Right: Truth Or Dare, Skinny Dipping (with flash)

I absolutely love the cardboard-box packaging with the easy to open flip top, magnetic lid. I love the bright colors, the fun polka-dotted prints, the images of the flower, lace, and bird, and even the letter fonts are pretty cool-you know, if you are into that stuff :) Yes, they are a little bulky, but come on...you can't deny that the boxes are super adorable. Surprisingly, I find the packaging to be pretty sturdy.

I think the appearance of the blush brushes are really fun. The hairs are pink and the white handle contains the Hard Candy imprint logo on it. I found the brush hairs to feel OK on my cheeks. They don't feel scratchy, but they aren't the softest hairs either. I like to use my own blush brush to apply this product, though. I like that instead of adding a separate compartment to house the brush, Hard Candy decided to insert a black, elastic band under the top lid, that would hold the brush in place. I think this is a great feature because it prevents the packaging from being any more bulkier than it already is.

Truth Or Dare

Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare is probably my most favorite out of the two boxed blushes. I have been using this boxed blush non-stop since I first got it. The color on the left is a soft, warm golden brown that contains small shimmers. And the color on the right is a pretty sheer pink, that also contains small shimmers. I don't find the shimmers to be very apparent, once the colors are on my cheeks. This duo is the most sheerest out of the bunch, but that is probably why I love it so much. When swatched, the colors appear sheer. But as soon as I apply these two colors on my cheeks, they give my cheeks the most prettiest, healthy looking, glow-with a hint of soft pink to complete the look. With this duo, you will never look overdone. That's the beauty of truth or dare. 

Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping is a great pick for those who enjoy coral blush colors. The color on the left is a cool, tan-brown that contains a hint of pink. And the lovely color on the right, is a bright orange coral. Both colors contain shimmers, and the colors are nicely pigmented. Like Truth Or Dare, the shimmers are not overbearing or apparent, once they have been applied to the cheeks. To be honest, I have not been using this boxed blush much, since I am so enamored with truth or dare. I think its because I prefer applying pink blushes in the colder months. And since it is winter here, truth or dare is just perfect for me. But come summertime, I am sure that I will be putting skinny dipping to good use, since coral blushes, and bronzers are all I sport on my cheeks during that time. But, skinny dipping is gorgeous nonetheless, and I am happy that I picked it up.

First Two: Truth Or Dare Swatches. Last Two: Skinny Dipping Swatches

Both these boxed blushes are smooth in texture, and they blend effortlessly onto my cheeks. I also find that these blushes last all day on my cheeks, which is great. I can't wait to pick up some more of these boxed blushes from Hard Candy, on my next trip to Wal-Mart. If you happen to spot these boxed blushes, I recommend you pick up a few. I am sure you will love them as much as I do.

What do you all think of these boxed blushes from Hard Candy? 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased these products for my personal use.


  1. Oooh I'm loving the look of these, espeially Skinny Dipping as I love coral shades. But Hard Candy is yet another brand not available in Australia. :(

  2. It's hard for me to get my hands on Hard Candy stuff too, since I don't have a Wal-Mart store nearby :(