Product Review: Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda-07, Concealer Set

I don't own many Sonia Kashuk products, but I have been pretty impressed so far with the few Sonia Kashuk products that I have tried. I have the famous bent eyeliner brush ($5.99), and the crease shadow brush ($5.99). I definitely plan on purchasing more of the brushes in the near future because the quality is superb, and they work like a dream. For awhile now, I have been curious to try out the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda 07 Concealer Set ($9.99). I have been putting it to the test for quite a few months now, and today I am going to share with you all my thoughts on it.

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Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

One of the things that drew me in to this concealer palette was that it included everything one would need to ensure a perfect coverage. It contains two concealer shades, a neutralizer, and a matte translucent setting powder. I like that there are two concealer shades included because, the majority of us usually need to mix shades in order to get our perfect color match. But, I also noticed that there are no other color selections when it comes to this concealer quad. This is the only one available. Because of this, I think that this concealer set would work best for those who have light-medium skin tones.

The shades are not numbered, I just numbered them to make it easy to refer to them in this post

Left To Right: concealer shade 1, concealer shade 2, neutralizer, powder

Concealer shade (1)This is the lightest color of the bunch. I am sure that this color would work great for those who have fair-light skin tones. It is a pretty neutral color. This shade contains a tiny hint of pink, and if I am not mistaken, I also spot a hint of yellow mixed in as well. This color is also great for those who want to brighten certain areas-such as, under the eyes.

Concealer Shade (2)- This is the shade that I normally use to conceal my dark, under eye circles. I like it for this purpose because, this concealer contains peachy and orange tones in it, which help eliminate the darkness under my eyes. I apply this shade on top of the neutralizer. This concealer shade would best fit those who have light-medium skin tones.

Neutralizer (3)- The yellow color in this neutralizer works to help neutralize any redness or darkness you may have on your face or under eye area. I apply this shade under my eye area before I apply the concealer shade 2. My dark, under eye circles are brown in color, so the yellow really helps neutralize the color and help the concealer do its job in the covering department.

Powder (4)- The setting powder is used to apply on top of the concealer to help set it, and ensure that it stays in place all day. When I swatch the powder, I do see a tiny hint of color appear, but for the most part, it does goes on translucent when I apply it. 


The packaging is very sleek, and attractive. It contains an easy to open, magnetic closure. I found that the concealers were quite creamy and contained a lot of pigment. The concealers and neutralizer did improve the appearance of my under eye circles, but unfortunately, it creased, settled in my fine lines, and it felt a bit heavy on. I have quite a few lines under my eye area, and I try to look for concealers that don't settle in them. So, that was a huge deal breaker for me. I would say, if you have minimal lines under the eye area, then this concealer may work for you. I think it might have been the heavy, creamy consistency that the concealers have, that caused the settlement into my lines. I like creamy concealers a lot because they seem to pack the most punch when it comes to coverage, but its hard to find one that isn't heavy and too creamy.

Also, another problem was the translucent powder just did not work for me. It applied fine, and everything seemed OK. Then 30 minutes or so later, the concealer was creasing up under my eyes. I have oily skin, so I guess that may be the reason why the powder did not last long? I don't know. I tried this concealer as a spot cover-up for my acne scars and such, and although it covered my imperfections nicely, it just felt really heavy, and uncomfortable, on. On the more positive side, I did not experience any breakouts or irritation.


I liked the fact that the concealer set contained 2 concealers, a neutralizer and a powder. And the coverage was not bad at all. But the limited shade range, the issues I had with the settlement in my fine lines, the creasing under my eye area, and the powder not being effective for me, prohibits me from repurchasing this concealer set again. I had really high hopes for this concealer set, since it has gotten a love of love in the beauty blogging community. But alas, the search for my HG concealer must go on!

What do you all think of this concealer set by Sonia Kashuk? What are your favorite concealers?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product for my personal use.

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