Sephora by O.P.I Spark-tacular! Top Coat

When I spotted the Sephora by O.P.I top coat in Spark-tacular! ($9.50), I could not take my eyes off it. I have been intrigued by glitter and all things sparkly-I think its because the holidays are just right around the corner, and this nail color was no exception. It had to come home with me. And, so it did.

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Sephora by O.P.I Top Coat in Spark-tacular!

Spark-tacular! is a clear based nail polish that contains an exciting variety of larger and smaller green, purple, blue, red, gold, orange, and silver chunky glitters. Its like fun in a bottle! In the bottle, you will find that the smaller glitters are more of a round shape, while the larger glitters have a hexagonal shape. I found that I got a pretty good nail saturation of glitter with 2-3 coats. Of course, you can always apply more layers until you get your desired glitter coverage. (Tip: I like to pat on the glitters with the nail brush on my nail beds, and then follow with a quick swipe when I am done. That way, I can easily stick more chunks of glitter on the nail, as opposed to just swiping my nail bed which basically swipes the glitter away, thus taking longer for the glitter to build up).

The formula was just right-not too thick, but not thin either. The formula was really easy to work with, and the results were quite "spark-tacular" indeed, LOL! (I am sorry, I just had to). Drying time was relatively quick. It took 2 minutes for my nails to dry. When the glitter top coat dries, I feel a texture on my nails. But, its definitely a smooth texture-not gritty or rough at all. As you all can probably imagine, removal was a bit troublesome. As per usual, with most of the glitter nail colors I have encountered. But this glitter top coat is so awesome, I will gladly overlook the hard-to-remove detail. Oh, and its a bonus that this nail color is formulated without DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde.

While trying to figure out how to use this top coat in a nail of the day post, I wanted something that would definitely stand out. I decided to apply a metallic platinum silver, fine shimmered nail color, and used that as my base color. I used Zoya's nail color in Trixie ($8.00)

Zoya-Trixie (2 coats)

After I applied two coats of Zoya's Trixie, I then took Spark-tacular! top coat and applied 2 coats of that. Looking back, I think I should have added a third or fourth coat to get more glitter saturation. But I think the result was fantastic nonetheless. I can't stop staring at my nails. I even got a complement on them! The picture below does not do this nail combination any justice. I promise you all it looks way cooler in person.

(natural light, no flash)

(with flash-still holding strong after 5 days!)

Overall, I am REALLY happy with Spark-tacular! and I can't recommend it enough! I already know that I am going to be layering this top coat over many other nail colors this winter. If you are looking for a fun, colorful, glittered layering top coat that packs a punch, then I highly suggest looking into Spark-tacular! I am sure you will not be disappointed.

What do you all think of Spark-tacular!? What are your favorite layering, glitter top coats?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. All the products mentioned in this post, were purchased by me for my personal use.


  1. This is on my "To Get" list, I'm debating though since I have so many multi glitters but this would be great to add to my collection.

    Nice combo you did with Trixie and Spark-tacular

  2. Hey Che,

    Thank you so much! Do you have any other glitter nail colors you recommend?

  3. I love this. I'm definitley going to get this.

    When trying to get my glitter polishes off I use the "foil" technique. You can google it, it's really easy to do and my polish comes off smoothly without hassle

  4. Hey Alyssa,

    Thank You for the tip! I will definitely try the FOIL method to remove the glitter nail colors. I will try anything to remove the glitters more easily :)