Product Rave: E.L.F. Minty Lip Gloss-Nashville

I am a lipstick girl at heart, but sometimes, I can't resist a shiny gloss. When it comes to lip glosses, I prefer if they had a smooth semi-tacky consistency that feels comfortable on the lips while at the same time, allowing for a longer wear time. As for color payoff, I am not really particular when it comes to that. I love glosses that show a hint of color on the lips, but I also love a clear shiny gloss as well. As long as my lips look shiny and they have a pretty sheen to them, I am happy.

After school a few weeks ago, I stopped by a Target nearby and spotted the E.L.F. Minty Lip Gloss in Nashville ($3.00), from their Studio line.

E.L.F. Minty Lip Gloss in Nashville

I would describe Nashville as a clear, neutral beige that contains small, fine golden shimmers. I really like the packaging of the gloss. It looks very sleek, and simple. This gloss contains an angled sponge-tip applicator. I am usually a fan of bush tip lip applicators, but the sponge tip helps me obtain a smooth and even coverage on my lips. 

When I first applied Nashville to my lips, I immediately felt a stinging sensation. I am guessing that it was the mint that contributed to this. I must admit, the sensation was a little overbearing at first. But luckily it only lasted for about 2-3- minutes, then it wore down. This gloss has a strong, mint fragrance and I still detect the mint scent on my lips, until the gloss wears off. Its not until 3-4 hours later that I feel the need to apply more of this gloss. I really like how this gloss does not dry out my lips. It feels very comfortable on, and can easily be layered.

Swatch of Nashville Minty Lip Gloss

Nashville has no color payoff on my lips, hence the exclusion of a lip swatch. The golden shimmers are very fine. I don't feel them on my lips at all. Once on my lips, the shimmers are not very noticeable. They peek through just a bit, but they are definitely easy to miss. I think the golden shimmers help give off that healthy looking sheen that my lips have after I apply this gloss, which I love.

On the back of the packaging, E.L.F. says that this gloss not only gives lips a pretty sheen but it also works to  "freshen up your breath." Well, I guess that part could be true. It probably depends on a person's oral hygiene. I will say that this gloss does taste fresh and minty, though. I am constantly chewing on gum most of the day so, I don't know if this gloss alone will be enough to keep my breath fresh all day. But its nice to know that I have an alternative if I ever run out of gum one day, and I need fresh breath ASAP, ha!

All in all, I really like this lip gloss from E.L.F. and I definitely will be on the lookout for other shades in E.L.F.'s Minty Lip Gloss line.

What do you all think of E.L.F.'s Minty Lip Gloss in Nashville?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product for my personal use.


  1. Great review! Nashville is actually one of my favorites from the bunch. I need to start using these minty glosses again.