Nail Of The Day: Essie Lapiz Of Luxury

Hey Dolls,

It finally happened. I caved in and purchased my very first Essie nail polish. I was at a nearby Duane Reade drugstore a few weeks ago, and while I was browsing the nail polish and cosmetics isle, Essie's Lapiz Of Luxury nail polish ($8.00) just struck out to me. I am not really sure if this particular shade is permanent, but I do know that it was released with the Essie Resort collection back in 2010. I think it has been re-released again with another collection, recently? I am not very sure. Sorry Loves!
Now, I do want to point out that the main reason I have steered clear of Essie nail colors in the past is because, I have read on quite a few blogs that some shades can be pretty tricky to apply, often resulting in a streaky outcome. But then again, just because some Essie shades are a miss because of the way the apply, it does not mean that there aren't hits among the line as well.

Thanks to Lapiz of Luxury, I realized just how cool Essie nail polishes can be. 

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Essie-Lapiz Of Luxury

Essie Lapiz Of Luxury-3 coats, no topcoat

I would describe Lapiz of Luxury as a creamy cornflower blue color. This is definitely a shade that I am sure would compliment many skin tones. I don't have a color such as this one in my small, nail polish collection. I have probably one or two blue polishes in my collection, and this cornflower blue color is a very refreshing addition. Although while being a fun color to sport on nails, I believe that Lapiz Of Luxury is also appropriate enough to sport in a conservative, office job atmosphere as well.

In the nail swatch picture above, I am wearing three coats of Lapiz Of Luxury. Consistency wise, the polish is semi-creamy. The formula is not too thick. It's just right. Unfortunately, the first coat did apply a bit sheer, watery, and I definitely saw a few streaks here and there. But with the second and third coat, everything seemed to be evened out and I got complete opaque coverage. You can definitely get away with two coats, but I always seem to prefer to do three. I want to point out that application was a breeze. I did not get any polish drag on my cuticles (I hate it when that happens. Such a mess to clean up sometimes), and I found that semi-thick coats work best when it comes to applying this polish.

Drying time was fairly quick-even between applying coats. I especially loved the shine my nails had when it dried. Some polishes dry completely dull-looking, that a shiny top coat is a must. But Lapiz Of Luxury makes a top coat optional. I had on Lapiz Of  Luxury for 5 days, and I am delighted to report that I experienced no chipping, and the shine was still there. Keep in mind that I did not apply a top coat. Amazing.

I am definitely going to be trying more Essie nail colors in the future. Love!

What are your favorite Essie nail polish colors? Are any of you fans of Lapiz Of Luxury? Let me know in the comments sections, dolls. I want to read your thoughts!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product for my personal use. 

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