Product Rave: MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass

Hey Dolls,

As you all know, I sure do love my lipsticks. But I am aware that the right lip gloss can really add an unexpected pizzazz to the lips as well. I picked up my very first MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks ($18.50) a few weeks ago, and I am in love! Baby Sparks is a gorgeous pink gloss that contains a party of beautiful shimmers. I see sparkles of pink, violet, and silver shimmers. It's very lovely to look at. My shimmer descriptions may be totally off-like I have stated before, I am really bad when it comes to color descriptions, LOL! But hey, at least that's what I see with my naked eye.

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MAC Dazzleglass-Baby Sparks

Since this was my first time trying a MAC lip gloss in a dazzleglass formulation, I expected the formula to be the same as the lustreglass and lipglass ones. You can all imagine my surprise when I found out that the dazzleglass actually felt, less tackier than the other ones. When applied, Baby Sparks goes on smoothly, and there is some tackiness in the semi-thick texture. A little goes a long way. But what the lustreglass, lipglass, and dazzleglass do have in common is that, they have the same vanilla scent that the majority of the MAC lip products are known for. I don't mind the vanilla scent. The scent does not linger on my lips.

I like the packaging. Very sleek and, definitely longer than your usual lustreglass, and lipglass tubes. I also like the brush wand. These are my favorite types of wands and I prefer these 100 times, over the traditional sponge tip applicators. Personally, I find that the brush wands give me a much smoother, and even application, in an instant. Sponge tip applicators can make the product go on a bit streaky, and it usually takes some work to even everything out. 

MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass applied on bare lips

Here is a lip swatch picture of Baby Sparks dazzleglass. Isn't it gorgeous? Honestly, all of the pictures do not do this gloss any justice. You must check out this dazzleglass in person to appreciate it, and really see the lovely sparkles/shimmer for yourself. Baby Sparks really "dazzles" (pun intended) on my lips. It gives my lips a soft, delicate light pink color, and sparkly shine that is inevitable to notice. I am really impressed with the staying power as well. I ate dinner the other night while wearing Baby Sparks on my lips, and I am happy to report that it stayed in tact on my lips. 

I have applied Baby Sparks on top of some of my other soft, pink colored lipsticks and it looks divine! Baby Sparks really takes my lip color to another level. My favorite combination so far is applying Baby Sparks dazzleglass over MAC's Angel lipstick ($14.50). Gorgeous!

Overall, I LOVE Baby Sparks. I will definitely purchase another tube when I run out of this one-even though, the hefty price tag can be a turn off, I guess it's OK to splurge on an item you really love, once in awhile. I will also be checking out more dazzleglass colors in the future.

Do any of you own Baby Sparks dazzleglass? What do you all think of it? Do any of you lovelies know of any possible Baby Sparks dupes? Let me know in the comments section, dolls!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product for my personal use. 


  1. I bet this looks great layered over a lipstick!

  2. wow, it looks REALLY pretty! quite a juicy shimmering look, I need it


  3. @ Rai- Yes Hun, it does! I tried it on top of Angel lipstick, and it looked great :)

    @ Vonnie- Thanks so much, girl! You definitely do need it in your life, LOL!

    @ Jennifer- Thanks, Hun!