MAC: Surf, Baby! Mini-Haul

Last week, MAC released their latest collection-Surf, Baby! As soon as I saw the collection in person a few days ago, I really liked the products. The colors definitely reminded me of being at the beach and just relaxing away. I especially love the cool product packaging. Very surf-like.

I ended up with three products to take home with me. I was initially intent on picking up the nude nail polish in Hangin' Loose ($15.00), but, when I looked at it in person, it just didn't wow me enough to warrant me buying it. I picked up the Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden ($24.00) because I am seriously on an unhealthy, bronzer kick lately. I got the lovely Hibiscus Lipstick ($15.50), and what I think is the star of this collection-My Paradise Cheek Powder ($28.00). By the way, my apologies in advance for this super picture heavy post!

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MAC Cheek Powder-My Paradise

Flash (more accurate color)

No Flash (natural light)

Left To Right: Bright Coral Color heavy hand, Gold Glitter Overspray, Both Coral/Glitter Blended

My Paradise Cheek Powder is really gorgeous to look at-especially the gorgeous gold glitter overspray flower imprint. Corals are one of my favorite blush colors to wear on my cheeks come summertime. I think peaches and corals look lovely with a tan. This cheek powder is super pigmented, so definitely build up as you apply, as not to overdo it. I just tapped my blush brush in the powder once, and it was just enough. The golden overspray is lovely used as a highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones, or the bridge of the nose. Notice how the blush color tones down a bit when applied with a lighter hand and blended in with the gold glitter, in the swatch picture above. Very pretty soft, angelic look.
I can't tell you the countless pictures I took of this powder in order to try and capture the true color of it. In some takes it was either too dark, or too light. I decided to take a few more snap shots and I think I got the closest, accurate color I could find out of the bunch. The color in the above product picture-the one taken with the flash, shows that the blush is peach/coral. But just imagine that picture with a more brighter and intense coral, and golden overspray. Those are the true colors of My Paradise Cheek Powder. 

MAC Bronzing Powder-Refined Golden

MAC Bronzing Powder-Refined Golden

I have been wanting to try Refined Golden bronzing powder for awhile, and I thought that it was finally the time to do so. Refined Golden is a permanent bronzer in the MAC line. It's just re-released along with the limited edition Surf, Baby! collection, and it has the different design case. I would describe Refined Golden as a medium brown that contains fine, golden shimmers. No worries though, if shimmered bronzers aren't your cup of tea. I applied this bronzer on my cheeks, and the shimmers were barely noticeable. The powder is very finely milled, it did not go on patchy, it was easy to blend, and best of all-I am happy to report that this bronzer did not look muddy orange on me. It looked very natural on. I suggest using a light hand with Refined Golden. A little goes a long way. I am really happy to add this bronzer to my collection. 

MAC Lipstick-Hibiscus

MAC Lipstick-Hibiscus

Lip Swatch of Hibiscus. Also, Refined Golden Bronzer and My Paradise on my cheeks

I would describe Hibiscus as a bright coral, that contains some red. This lipstick also contains very fine golden shimmers, but they are not visible once on the lips. The formula of this lipstick is Cremesheen and while it does go on smoothly, and creamy, I did have some dry areas on the lips where the lipstick sort of clung to. Make sure your lips are flake-free and very well moisturized before applying this lipstick. Overall, I think this lip color would be perfect for a nice evening out on the town. Or even for daytime, as it's not a super loud color. 

What did you all pick up from MAC's latest collection? Let me know in the comments section, Dolls!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased these products, for my personal use only. 


  1. Hibiscus looks amazing on you! I only got Bust Out & My Paradise; love them both!

  2. Thanks Courtney! I am glad you are loving My Paradise Cheek Powder. It truly is gorgeous :)