Nail Of The Day: Duri Nail Polish

Hey Lovelies!

I am so happy that I am finally getting the chance to do this post because, these are definitely some nail polishes that I would like you all to be in the know about, if you aren't already. A few weeks ago, I was sent three Duri nail polishes for review consideration, and I am absolutely thrilled that I got the opportunity to try these lovely nail colors.
This was actually my first time trying out Duri nail polishes, and I can't help but wonder-what have I been missing all along?

(click all images to enlarge)

Left to Right: Forever Beautiful, Heaven On Earth, Girl Power

Here are some pictures and swatches. 

Forever Beautiful

Forever Beautiful-2 coats/clear topcoat

Forever Beautiful is probably my most favorite of the three. Actually, I think it just may be one of the best (I don't throw around that word lightly), nude, cream polishes I own. Application was perfection. Usually when I apply nude colors similar to Forever Beautiful, they go on sheer, streaky and uneven. But this polish went on smooth like butter and I experienced no streaking, air bubbles, and I got a nice, semi-opaque coverage with just one coat. But as you all know, I like to double up on the coats just to really make sure everything evens out nicely. As you can probably tell by the swatch picture, my nail tips are still a bit visible. I wonder if three coats will cover them some more. But I actually don't mind that they peek through because, it gives my nails a classic, and delicate look to them. This polish is perfection in my eyes. This will probably be the polish I wear for my wedding day...whenever that may be. LOL!

Heaven On Earth

Heaven On Earth-2 coats/no top coat-forgot!

Heaven On Earth is a really pretty lilac, pastel cream. It shows up a bit more pinkish here, but believe me-it's a true lilac pastel. Please forgive my messy application, this was actually the first of the three polishes that I tried (I was super excited, couldn't wait to play with these babies LOL!), and I did not fully grasp the hang of the application method that would work best for me. But nonetheless, this color applied smoothly, no streaks, nor air bubbles. 

Girl Power

Girl Power-2 coats/clear top coat

Girl power is probably one of the most loudest colors I own. It's a beautiful super bright fuchsia/magenta/bright pink cream, that contains very fine, small pink shimmers. One of the things I was most excited about when it came to applying this color was that gorgeous hint of pink/purple? duo-chrome that you can see in the pictures. Unfortunately, quite contrary to the swatch picture above (the camera flash caught it), I can't even see the duo-chrome effect on my nails. Bummer! I was so disappointed. Of course, application was superb, once again. No streaks, air bubbles, and opaque coverage-even with just one coat. 

When it comes to drying time, all three colors dry pretty fast-I would say, within 5 minutes or so. And I even think that applying a glossy top coat with these is optional, as these seem to leave behind a gloss once they are dry on the nails. I had on each of the three colors for 1 week each, and the lasting power is not bad at all-if you are someone like me who frequently changes polishes every few days or so. I started to see some tip wear within 2-3 days. But for the most part, the polish seemed pretty well in tact. I also really love the application brush. It's just the right size to comfortably apply the colors. Made it very easy to do so. Overall, I was definitely impressed with these Duri polishes and I will definitely purchase some more shades in the future. I hope they are just as good as these three.

To find out more about these lovely polishes (they retail for $5.00 each online), check out the Duri Online Store by clicking HERE

What do you all think of Duri nail polishes? Let me know in the comments section if any of you are fans!!!!

Disclaimer: I was sent these polishes for review consideration. I am not affiliated with the company and as always, my reviews are honest. 


  1. Hi hun, I've never heard of Duri polishes. Like a lot of tihngs they're not available in Australia I guess. I really like the cream one too, it's the perfect light creamy nude that I've been looking for but can never find.


  2. Hey Lilit! Isn't the cream colored one gorgeous? I feel like getting a backup of this classic staple. LOL! It's just one of those colors you just have to have.

    And here is an Australian location from the Duri website, where you can find the product im sure :)