Smashbox: Perfectly Polished Lids (Picture Heavy Post!)

I stopped by Sephora a few days ago to pick up a bronzer (I really think that I am becoming a bronzer-addict), and to my surprise when it came time to check out at the register, I hand over my Beauty Insider card and what do you know? I had reached 500 points! If you aren't familiar with the Sepora Beauty Insider rewards card-which is absolutely free to sign up for one, you get sample goodies to try when you hit a certain number of points (100 and above). Then when you finally reach the 500 point mark, you have the option to opt out of the little samples, and instead, you can get the deluxe sample set, which sometimes includes full size items, as well as mini sized ones. This time around, it was an eye set from Smashbox.

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Smashbox Perfectly Polished Lids Set

It's an exclusive set that contains essential eye products that you can use everyday for achieving neutral eyes. Contents include:

1. Cream Eyeliner in Midnight Brown (full size)
2. Eyeshadow Trio-Vanilla, Champagne, and Brazilian Bronze (full size)
3. Photo Finish Lid Primer (mini size)
4. Lash DNA Mascara (mini size)

Here is a breakdown and pictures of each of the four eye products:

This is my first time experimenting with Smashbox cream eyeliners. Midnight Brown is a beautiful dark, deep brown. I usually go for black eyeliners, but this dark brown one is really great for adding dimension to the eyes, without the harshness of the dark black. This eyeliner is great for daytime when I go for a more neutral, toned-down look, and it lasts all day on. I found that the eyeliner was easy to apply, but I needed to go back over the same line once more (two layers in total) because the color went on a bit lighter when I first applied it with my eyeliner brush. I noticed that the formula was not as creamy as other cream liners I have tried, but definitely workable. I love the brown screw top, pot packaging. Looks very sleek. I hope this eyeliner does not dry out quickly. I will store this eyeliner upside down, as I do with all of my other cream liners, in order to prolong their creamy texture. 

From Top Clockwise: Brazilian Bronze, Vanilla, Champagne

Left To Right: Brazilian Bronze, Vanilla, Champagne

This is also my first time trying one of the Smashbox eyeshadow trios. They would always appeal to me, but I wasn't too keen on the hefty price tag. I am glad I got the opportunity to try one of them because I absolutely LOVE this one! The colors in this trio are perfect for creating neutral eye looks for school. Brazilian Bronze is a golden brown, bronze, that contains fine, golden shimmers. Vanilla is a sheer, matte cream-great for a highlight color, and Champagne is a soft beige, champagne color that contains fine shimmers. All of the shadows apply beautifully, and they are all easy to blend and are soft in texture. The colors are nicely pigmented as well, and perfect for those who love light washes of pretty neutrals. The shadows are very eye-brightening, and look very natural on. The two shimmered ones give more of a frost-like finish. 

This primer is really great! Since the eye primer is neutral-colored, it works great at concealing my eyelid discoloration. It blends in easily, and feels comfortable on my lids. I noticed that it felt a tiny bit sticky on my lids. But I don't mind this at all. I actually think that this aspect is great for really giving eyeshadows something to stick to. What I am most impressed about is how well this primer keeps my eyeshadows in place. I applied the Smashbox eyeshadow trio colors, and it held up pretty well after 8+ hours. No creasing either. I like the sponge-tip applicator also, which makes for easy application. 

For some reason, I made myself believe that mascara wands that contain the plastic bristles were the only ones that would deliver. But I think after using the Smashbox Lash DNA mascara, I have done a complete 360. This mascara looks lovely on my lashes. I can't rave about it enough, and you can bet I may be purchasing a full sized one after I am done with this mini sized version. This mascara really darkens my lashes-along with giving them a gloss, and the wand works wonders in separating, lengthening, and volumizing my lashes. I applied two coats and it lasted all day on. I did detect a smell to the mascara, but it's nothing offensive. And I noticed a bit of flaking when I was first applying it, but other than that, I was really happy with it. 

Overall, I am super happy with this set from Smashbox! I will do a look of the day using all of the items, and I will post it tomorrow. So, be on the lookout for that! And in case you are all interested in any of the items mentioned, they are available separately as well.

What do you all think of Smashbox? Have any of the items mentioned above? Let me know in the comments section, I would love to read your thoughts!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above.


  1. Great reviews! I was hesitant to get this 500 point perk but your detailed breakdown has helped me make a decision. Thanks so much.

  2. Anytime! I am glad this information was helpful for you :)