My MAC Lipstick Collection!

I wanted to share with you all my MAC lipstick collection. Please note, that I am in no way bragging or anything of the sort. I love looking at others' collections, and I think it's fun when we all can take a peek at each other's makeup stash.
I really LOVE MAC lipsticks! The colors are right up my alley, and with the array of colors available, I am sure everyone will find the color they are looking for. It's no lie that I tend to lean more towards nude and pink lip colors. And that is what my collection mainly consists of. But, I also have some brights in there as well. 

(click all images to enlarge)

The pinks and the brights

(swatched same order as above)

1. Impassioned (Amplified)- Bright Red/Coral
2. Candy Yum-Yum (Matte)- Bright Neon Pink (Limited Edition)
3. Girl About Town (Amplified)- Bright Fuchsia Pink
4. Pink Nouveau (Satin)- Bright Medium Pink
5. Angel (Frost)- Soft, Medium Pink
6. Lovelorn (Lustre)- Creamy, soft pink

The Nudes

(swatched same order as above)

1. Blankety (Amplified Creme)- Creamy Pink with Beige
2. Hue (Glaze)- Soft Pink
3. Myth (Satin)- Nude Peach/Beige (this lipstick will give you concealer lips-but, the formula is a tad drying)
4. Creme D' Nude (Cremesheen)- Creamy Peach/Beige

Special Packaging/Limited Editions

(swatched same order as above)

1. Heartless (Amplified)- Creamy Medium/Deep Red
2. Toxic Tale (Satin)- Bright Red Coral
3. Innocence, Beware! (Cremesheen)- Soft Pink/Beige
4. Peachstock (Satin)- Beige With A Hint Of Tan
5. Blooming Lovely (Amplified)- Soft Pink/Purple
6. Lazy Day (Lustre)- Creamy, Medium Pink (My Favorite Lipstick!)
7. Marquise D' (Lustre)- Nude Beige/Pink With Golden Sheen

What are your favorite MAC lipsticks? Share in the comments!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. These products were purchased by me for my personal collection. 


  1. I only have one MAC lipstick (from the Hello Kitty collection) and it wasn't even in the color that I like (because my sis gave it to me..XD) I can't pulled off Big Bow because it's way too bright for me! LOL
    Anyway, loving the overall color of your collection ^___^ I wanna try Angel!

  2. Hey Aisyah,

    Thanks so much! I remember when the Hello Kitty Collection came out. I am saddened that I didn't take a closer look at the lippies :(
    I think you should try Angel for sure. I love it for those days when I just want a hint of soft pink color on my lips.

  3. Alina, you have a nice Mac lipstick collection. I'm drooling over them lol.

  4. Your lipsticks are all to die for! I've been lusting after Girl About Town, I think I'll be getting it next weekend. But my favourite is Impassioned (of course), and Cremecup for a nice pinky nude.

  5. @Becky,

    Thanks so much girl! :)

    @ Lilit,

    Girl about town is an amazing lipstick. I can't emphasize it enough! This was the lippie that introduced me to the greatness that a bright lip can be. I am sure you are going to fall in love with it :)

  6. Pretty colors! Thanks for the swatches. It's funny, I have lots of mac lipsticks but the only one we have in common is Angel :). I wanna try Hue lipstick! My favorites are Half N Half, Jubilee, and Modesty. I'd love to get some of those bright colored ones too!

  7. Thank you Nikki! I think Angel is a color that most people have when it comes to MAC lippies :) It's one of those colors that I think would look nice on everybody :) And yes, you should definitely add more brights to your stash :)

  8. Ooooh nice! I don't have any of these shades you have. lol

    My favorite MAC lipstick is definitely Freckletone though. :)

  9. I also tend toward nude colors, but it's nice to have a lipstick or two on hand to go outside your comfort zone or for a special occasion.

    Katie for Ouidad

  10. nice collection! they're all so beautiful :| think i have to purchase some more xo

  11. @ Rai- Thanks, Hun! I have always wanted to try Freckletone. I may pick that up soon :)

    @ katie- I agree with you, girl! I love nude lippies, but I gotta have my brights as well. They come in handy for those times when I want to really add a super fun, WOW factor to my look :)

    @ Mozzz- Thanks, Doll! :) Once you start collecting MAC lippies, it may be hard to stop, LOL!