Product Rave: Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

Hey Dolls,

I hope you are all doing well. Did you do anything fun this weekend? unfortunately, I have come down with a cold and I am feeling so under the weather. I have the most horrible sore throat ever! You know that sharp pain that you feel everytime you swallow? Yup, that's what I am going through right now. No fun at all. But I am actually feeling a tad bit better. Hopefully I will be back to my old self in a week or so.

The weather here in New York has been unbearable lately. It has been really chilly and cold these days and the coldness has really taken a toll on my lips, making them dry and longing for moisture. I was applying lipstick the other day and I noticed that the color was not going on smoothly on my lips-accentuating every flake and dryness there was. Although I use my trusty Rosebud Lip Salve to help smooth out my lips, I was in dire need of a lip scrub to help eliminate the flakes on my lips. And I knew which one to count on-Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub ($8.95).

Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

Everybody in the blogosphere has raved on and on about how great this lip scrub performs. I had to try it for myself and put this sweet jar of goodness to the test. Literally-sweet. This vegan friendly, lip scrub comes housed in an adorable 0.8 oz glass jar, and contains Castor sugar which feels really great on the lips and does not feel rough at all, it also contains organic Jojoba Oil which is great for moisturizing and softening the lips.

What I love most about Sweet Lips lip scrub is the smell! If you are a fan of chocolate scented products, this should be right up your alley. This scrub literally smells like milk chocolate (thanks to the cocoa absolute), with a hint of vanilla (there is also vanilla extract included). I used this two nights ago for the first time, and I just took a bit of the scrub and applied it on dry lips and rubbed for about 1-2 minutes, then i rinsed my lips with water. And done! My lips felt softer than ever. Best part? No flakes in sight! But I do believe that this lip scrub is even edible-when you are done scrubbing, instead of rinsing with water, you can just lick this product right off your lips. I did try this and it was very tasty indeed LOL! It tasted like chocolate. 

I love this lip scrub and I definitely am going to repurchase once I run out. Which I am sure won't be for a while because it just takes a little bit of product to achieve great results. My only gripe with the product would be the hefty price of $8.95-I think at least $5.00 would have been a better price point. But I guess the price is justified because this lip scrub is fantastic. 

I have not tried much of Lush's products but what I do try, I am always left impressed. I really like that Lush is an environmentally friendly company who are cruelty-free, and uses organic products that are not only good for the environment, but for us as well. 

Have any of you tried any lip scrubs from Lush? Let me know in the comments section! 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product for my personal use. 


  1. I have yet to try LUSH products. I want to. I always pass the store and never go in though :o( one day

  2. Hi darl, hope you get better soon. Nothing worse than a sharp sore throat :(

    I haven't tried the lush lip scrubs yet, but i love all their other products that i've tried, including their shampoo bars.


  3. I haven't seen a bad review about it either! Maybe I should try it...I've been cheap and using plain white sugar mixed with olive oil lol :)

  4. Hey Kim,

    The day you decide to start trying out Lush products, I definitely suggest you start off with the lip scrub. It is fab! I have not tried their famous bath bombs-I may try those next.

    Hey Lilit,

    Thank you so much Hun for your well wishes! The shampoo bars sound really cool. Do you think they would work on my dry, thick, and frizzy hair? Are they moisturizing enough?

    Hey Morenita Lokita,

    You should definitely try this lip scrub! I am sure you will not be disappointed. Maybe I should try your DIY version as well, sounds great :)

  5. I bought this about a month ago and I adore it, it prevents that white buildup that one can get from gloss. I'm glad I purchased it, but it'll probably be the only thing I purchase from

  6. LOL! I hate that yucky white build up as well. It totally dis-encourages me from putting on gloss at times. But thanks to this lip scrub, my lips have been behaving very well. :)