Bargain Find: The Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub

Don't you all just love when you go to one of those discount stores and you find some really great bargains? That is what happened to me when I was shopping at T.J.Maxx a few weeks ago. I was browsing the beauty and skincare isle when I spotted an assortment of Body Shop scrubs and body butters. I was in dire need of a body scrub, so when I saw that the body scrubs were only $5.99-a bargain compared to the original price of $20.00, I scooped one up. I chose the Moringa Body Scrub ($20.00 at The Body Shop).

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The Body Shop-Moringa Body Scrub

The Body Shop's Moringa Body Scrub (for normal to dry skin) comes in a plastic screw top jar, is thick in consistency and contains walnut shells and ground rice that help give you the best exfoliation possible. I love that this body scrub contains tons of good for your skin oils such as Moringa seed, sesame, coconut, and jojoba which helps moisturize and soften the skin. For being my first Body Shop scrub, this baby did not disappoint.

My skin-especially now in these harsh cold, winter months, is super dry and flaky. I would have to say that my elbows and legs get it the worst when it comes to dryness. My elbows are dry and rough, and my lower legs look really dry and flaky. Before I hope into the shower, I apply this body scrub all over my dry body-arms, shoulders, chest, and legs. As I rub it in, I actually am seeing that the oils are really absorbing into my skin! I get an instant smooth and moisturized feeling right away. After I rub the scrub into my skin for about 3-4 minutes, I hop into the shower and rinse off. Man! does my skin feel softer then ever. I love how smooth my skin feels and the scent this scrub leaves behind. I have to say that I am not too fond of the scent when I smell it in the tub, to me it is just too much and the floral smell is too strong. But the smell left behind after I rinse this scrub off in the shower is divine. The smell is much softer and I appreciate it much more.

Overall, I really like this body scrub from The Body Shop and I want to try more from their line. Since I am a huge lover of anything cocunut scented, maybe I will try the coconut body scrub next. My only gripe would be the hefty $20.00 price tag-but I am sure this scrub will last me a long time. Major props to The Body Shop for not testing their product on animals, and protecting the planet by using renewable resources as well as raw ingredients. Any company that has ethical values and wants to better the planet has an admirer in me.

Have any of you tried this body scrub or any other body scrubs from The Body Shop? Let me know what you all think about them!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product for my personal use. 

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  1. AnonymousMay 05, 2012

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