Urban Decay's Black Palette Has Me Craving Smokey Eyes!

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What's shaking bacon? Ok-pretty corny, I know LOL! I hope you are all well and ready for the holidays. Today I want to share with you all a great find. This baby is perfect for creating soft or heavy set smokey eyes-especially for these colder months we have going on now, or if I want to spice up my look for a night out with the hub and friends. If you are a fan of smokey eyes and dark sparkled shadows, look no further because I have what it takes to end your search right here! Let me introduce you to The Urban Decay Black Palette ($36.00). This limited edition eyeshadow palette includes 6 black based shadows, housed in an adorable sparkled black flip open magnetic closure palette-with mirror included, that contain gorgeous complimenting glimmers/shimmers for achieving that perfect smokey eye. Aside from the glimmer shadows, this eyeshadow palette includes a very rich matte black shadow that is great for taking your eye look up a notch and deepening the eyeshadow colors even further. I love applying a little black on the outer V and blending it into my crease for adding definition to the smokey eye look. The Black Palette also contains a mini eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden-a matte yellow-ish base, and the ever so great 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero-a creamy deep black pencil eyeliner.

Let's take a closer look at The Black Palette from Urban Decay.

Urban Decay-The Back Palette ($36.00)

The Black Palette with 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero, and mini Primer Potion in Eden

Black Dog-Matte deep black
Sabbath- Black with blue sparkles

Barracuda- Black with silver sparkles
Cobra- Black with gold sparkles

Jet- Black with purple sparkles
Libertine- Black with forest green/emerald sparkles

I want to start off by saying that although these eyeshadow colors look colorful in the pan, they are all black based-meaning that the shadow will go on dark with their hint of corresponding sparkle color peeking through. I really like the texture of these shadows-they are smooth, easy to apply, easy to blend, etc....What more could you ask for in a shadow? Urban Decay always makes sure their shadows are of the best quality, and easily blend-able. Can't argue with that. Since these shadows are so soft, I recommend tapping off excess product before you apply to help prevent fall out. Although I am loving this palette, I am a little disappointed that some of the shades look pretty similar once they are actually on. I know they are supposed to be dark shadows, and black based but I expected at least the sparkles to help differentiate which shade is which. But honestly, when I applied the shadows to my outer V when I am trying to create a smokey eye, the more I blended, the less and less I noticed the color of the sparkles and I am left with basically a wash of dark shadow with a hint of sparkle. If you are a person who is scared of glitter and sparkles, don't be when it comes to The Black Palette. The sparkles become a bit subtle, I promise. The shadow I found most interesting was Jet, the purple one. I found that compared to the other colors, Jet actually was the only one where the purple color actually showed up on the lid a bit. I have worn some of the shades as lid colors for creating a subtle smokey eye for school in the morning and I really loved the outcome. These shadows are great for creating whatever look you are going for. If you want a really dark smokey look or a soft, subtle smokey eye, these shadows are perfect for achieving either effect.    

Left To Right (no flash) Black Dog, Barracuda, Jet, Sabbath, Cobra, Libertine

(with flash)

Top to Bottom: Primer Potion in Eden, 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero

Overall, I really enjoy this palette and although some colors look a bit similar to others when applied and blended, I appreciate an eyeshadow palette dedicated to the art of smokey eyes. Really beautiful, pigmented colors, and long lasting. The Eden Primer Potion is great for creating a smooth base on the eye to prep it for the application of these shadows. I love that Urban Decay constantly includes mini sizes of primer potions with their kits. Don't let the size fool you. The mini primer potion will last a super long time, as only a bit is actually needed. The pencil liner in Zero is very creamy and easy to apply. I love applying this pencil liner on my waterline. Works great! If you are a smokey eye lover, I definitely recommend you get this palette. You will not be disappointed.

Have any of you tried the Black Palette from Urban Decay? What did you all think about it?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I purchased this product with my money for my personal use.

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