E.L.F. Nail Polish Swatches- Plum, Mint Cream, and Smoky Brown

Hey Lovelies,

Here are the swatches of the three E.L.F. nail polishes I ordered a few weeks ago. I want to first mention that I did wear each of these nail colors for one week. I like to change my polish once every week or so. I have never really ventured much into nail polish from E.L.F., except for the three glitter ones from the Holiday Edition kit (click here for my review on it). I really wanted to try some polishes from their regular line and I chose these three beautiful colors to start out with. Plum, Mint Cream, and Smoky Brown ($1.00 each). I was a little surprised with the colors, only because on the E.L.F. website the swatches were nothing like what the actual colors are. Don't rely too much on the online swatches on the E.L.F. website because you may be disappointed with the outcome. Luckily-I really love the colors! I still got love for you E.L.F. but please work on making the online swatches more accurate.

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Left To Right: Plum, Mint Cream, Smoky Brown


I imagined plum to be a little more purple rather than the creamy reddened purple it was, but I actually quite like it. It is a perfect color for the fall/winter. This is two coats. Now that I look at the picture a little more closely, I should have added a third coat just to help even everything out a bit more.

Mint Cream

This was the color I was most excited for! This tiffany blue jade cream is gorgeous! Perfect, I can't rave enough about this color. If you have to get one E.L.F. nail polish-this one would be my suggestion. This nail polish is gong to be in heavy rotation come spring/summer, I just know it. This was two coats, but I think a third would have made a bit more opaque and evened out. I was worried this polish was going to apply too sheer and that I would need a zillion coats, but two-three coats should help even everything out.

Smoky Brown

Smoky Brown is a creamy soft brown neutral color. I don't have many brown polishes so I am happy that I have this one to add to my collection. You can never go wrong with a brown neutral color. Works for everybody and it's a great shade for the fall/winter months. This was two coats.

Overall Thoughts
These polishes from E.L.F. really impressed me. And for $1.00? You can't beat that! I really love the brush applicator. It is a perfect size for me when it comes to helping distribute the polish evenly and precisely. I was most surprised that I did not really have to go through any clean up after I applied the color. It did not bleed on my cuticles or anything of the sort. Everything went on smoothly and mess-free. I appreciate that these polishes are fool, and mess proof. Mint Cream did appear to be a bit streaky after the first coat, but everything smoothed and evened out after the second. I experienced absolutely no air bubbles or marks with any of the colors, and drying time was super fast. I applied a top coat after, but I think you don't even need to apply a top coat if need be. They dry with a pretty, glossy finish to them-never dull. My application method to these was to apply the polish in semi thick coats, and let the polish dry in between coats. That always helps me achieve a nice, even application.
I only found one gripe with these polishes...they don't last very long on the nails. I find that by the second or third day I am already seeing tip-wear and a few chips here and there. I found that out of all three nail colors, the ones that stayed in tact decently for the most part were smoky brown and plum. Mint Cream just did not want to cooperate with me. But I am not going to stop using these polishes just because of that one factor. I can totally deal, and I am a forgiving girl-hey, I like to change my nail color often anyway I am not seeking a polish that will last me more than 2 weeks. I think these are great for $1.00 and I will definitely be buying some more. Did I mention E.L.F. is a cruelty free company and their polishes are three (Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate) free? Awesome!

Have any of you tried polishes from E.L.F.? Let me know what you think of them and your favorite shades. I would love some suggestions!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above, I purchased these products with my own money for my personal use. 


  1. I love that mint cream polish. I haven't wore mine in a while but u just inspired me to pull it back out : ) the elf polish has improved a lot since the first time I bought a bottle. Good quality for a good price...

  2. def adding those last 2 to my list!!

  3. @ Danielle- Mint Cream is a pretty color indeed. I can't wait to try other polishes from their line :) And you are so right-the price is definitely unbeatable.

    @ Jessica- You will love them I am sure! :)