Fashion Crave: Holiday Celebration

Hey Lovelies!

How has this week been treating you? As you all know the holidays are just right around the corner and that means family get-togethers, lots of food, and of course-parties and celebrations! When I attend parties and such, I always go for comfort when it comes to style. But this year, I want to change all that. I want to get dolled up, and look elegant. Lucky for all of us, there are plenty of fun outfits and inspirations out there that can help us when it comes to determining what to wear in these special occasions. 

Here is an outfit I put together using Polyvore. When I think of holidays, the color red, satin/shiny fabric, and fun accessories come to mind. What pieces of clothing do you like to wear when it comes to dressing for holiday get-togethers and celebrations?

What better way to keep warm than with a chic, pop of color red coat? I love it! I think colors really spruce up any neutral outfit and I love coats that have their own uniqueness. In this case, that would be the addition of the fun ruffles. Ruffles, or any detailing on outerwear, changes the piece from basic to fun.

I absolutely adore the look of this dress! I think it is definitely appropriate for a holiday party. Who can resist that beautiful laced bodice detailing? That hint of detail adds just the perfect unexpected touch to this outfit. I also really like that the dress defines the waist, and it is one shoulder. Very chic!

I question as I write this post, why have I not invested in nude pumps? I love how it is said that nude colored heels are great for elongating legs. We all could use a little more leg can't we? LOL! I know I would :) I think nude pumps are a great neutral that would work with any outfit, any color. OK, I am adding nude pumps to my holiday shopping list!

Clutches are very handy when it comes to going out for the night. I know I like them when I just don't want to be tugging a huge purse with me for the rest of the night. Not comfy to say the least. When it comes to clutches, I believe that they should have some personality to them. Weather they contain pops of bright colors, glitter, lace, or faux croc texture-like this clutch by Asos has, clutches should make a bold statement to the outfit. 

When it comes to dressing up, of course you can't forget the jeweled accessories! They are the fun part. Since the dress has the lace detail going for it, I think it is best to keep accessories simple as not to run the risk of having the piece compete with the dress detailing. These dangling crystal-like ones are perfect for adding that touch of elegance to the outfit.

This part is optional.  If you don't want to bling out the outfit too much, then the earrings alone as jewelry accessory is enough. But i think it's always fun to add a few bracelets into the mix, such as this gorgeous set of three bracelets. They are very pretty, and they look super shiny too. I love shiny accessories for the holidays :)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above.


  1. The carissa pumps are super cute and a red coat always helps keep the winter sadness away. Great picks.

  2. I am loving nude pumps. Unfortunately for me, I fall behind when it comes to owning a pair LOL. What am I waiting for? And I so agree whith you about the red being a cheery color. I think bright pops of color always put people in a happy mood :)