Product Review: E.L.F. Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

Hey Lovelies!

I stopped by Target the other day and I decided (naturally) to go to the cosmetics section to check out if the E.L.F. display had some new products. Every time I go to my local Target store, the E.L.F. display is practically empty, and the studio line sells out really fast. To my surprise, this time there were lots more new E.L.F. goodies for me to get, YAY!

I picked up a few things that I really wanted to try, so stay tuned for upcoming reviews. My first E.L.F. review comes from their studio line and it's the E.L.F. Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths ($3.00). I love trying new makeup remover wipes, so I just had to give these a go. (Click all images to enlarge)

E.L.F. Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

Flip top open lid with sticker

Back of the packaging

1. The cloths contain Aloe Vera extract which is used to help with moisturizing the skin. I love products that have Aloe Vera in them because I find that this ingredient is soothing to my skin.
2. I love the sleek black packaging, and the snap open/close snap on lid. This feature helps the cloths stay moisturized longer and not dry out as opposed to packaging that only contain the open/close sticker.
3. The scent on these wipes smells very fresh and clean. It is not an offensive smell at all. But not to worry, the scent dissipates in a matter of 2-3 minutes once your face is dry after using the cloths.
4. The cloths have not caused my sensitive, acne prone skin to react. So I would say that these cloths are gentle. (E.L.F. claims that these "gentle cloths are soft and soothing for even the most sensitive skin".
5. The cloths are really smooth and don't feel rough or scratchy on my skin.
6. Removes my face makeup efficiently. 
7. Great affordable price-$3.00 for 20 cloths
8. Does not leave my face feeling sticky. After I use the cloths, my skin is left feeling smooth.
9. E.L.F. does not test on animals

1. These cloths do not remove my mascara very well. I find that mascara residue still lingers on my lashes, and even on my lower lash line.
2. I would not advise anyone to use these cloths to remove eye makeup. These sting my eyes! Although I did use it to see how these fare up when it comes to removing eye makeup, I learned my lesson and advise everybody to use a separate eye makeup remover to remove your eye makeup, and just stick to removing your face makeup when it comes to these cloths. 
3. Although these cloths remove my face makeup pretty well, I contribute this to my use of light weight makeup. For everyday, I usually just apply mineral foundation, and minimal blush/bronzer. I think these cloths would not work so well in removing heavy makeup. 

Overall, I do like these cloths but I don't think I would repurchase these.I do recommend these for those who use minimal makeup and are looking for something quick and easy to take it all off.

Have any of you tried these cleansing cloths from E.L.F. Studio? Let me know in the comments section, I would love to know what you all think of them.


  1. I wanted to try it very much but my local Target only has an ELF display during back to school and holiday season. I'm glad it's soft enough to use on the face and the price is affordable, too.

  2. Sorry to hear your Target does not carry E.L.F. products all year round :( My local Target does not have a great selection of E.L.F. stuff, really. But I agree, E.L.F. is super affordable! That is always a great thing :)