Product Review: E.L.F. The Beauty Encyclopedia-Smoky Eyes Edition


I hope you all are having a great day :) I stopped by Target after school yesterday and what do you know? I purchased another E.L.F. limited edition? set. LOL! I seriously think I am on an E.L.F. kick lately. But I ended up purchasing one of their beauty books (love these!) in the Smoky eyes edition ($5.00). This eye palette contains a combination of 12 matte, and shimmered eye shadows, a mini brightening black eyeliner pencil, and a double-ended sponge tip applicator. The set also includes very handy how-to instructions for creating the perfect smoky eye as well as a mirror. I believe this set is limited edition and part of the new holiday collection because on the packaging there are some really pretty snowflakes. I also spotted the neutral eyes beauty book, but I decided to skip it because I have pretty similar colors to it. But I don't know. I may go back next week and pick that up.

In case you are all wondering, this eyeshadow palette from E.L.F. from what I can tell, does not contain the same shadows as their back to school smoky eye kit. Click HERE to check out some pics of that one and my review on it. What intrigued me about this eye kit was the inclusion of two lovely colors-the bright blue, and the bright purple. I am all for bright colors! Can't get enough of them. But I was left a tad bit disappointed. Before I explain, check out some pictures and swatches (click all images to enlarge).

E.L.F. Beauty Encyclopedia Smoky Eyes Edition

With Flash

Natural Light, No Flash

First Row-left to right:
1. Bright champagne/cream with shimmer
2.  Matte cream
3. Light Pink with shimmer
4. Silver with shimmer/frost

Second Row-left to right:
1. Dark Grey with fine bronze shimmer
2. Light blue with fine shimmer
3. Medium Purple matte
4. Medium Grey with shimmer

Third Row-left to right:
1. Dark Grey/Olive with gold shimmer
2. Dark Navy Blue matte
3. Medium Brown matte
4. Black matte

1. Affordable
2. Great versatility of colors
3. Smooth texture
4. Blend really easily
5. I love the inclusion of step by step instructions, as I would think this would be helpful for those who are new to applying shadows.
6. You get a generous amount of shadow
7. E.L.F. does not test on animals and they are cruelty free


1. I was really disappointed with the pigmentation of this eyeshadow set. I thought since I had so much luck with pigmentation in the back to school beauty book I purchased a few months back, I thought I would experience the same with this beauty encyclopedia. That was not the case for me. The colors are all gorgeous but pigmentation-wise, it just didn't do it for me. I noticed I had to pack on a ton of product in order to get it to show up on me a bit. I had really high hopes for the pretty bright blue one and the purple, but those just gave me sheer, light washes of the color. 

2. The shimmery/frosty colored shadows don't even show up on me! All that remains on my eyes are just a whole bunch of shimmers.

3. I noticed that I have to be careful when I blend these shadows, and not over-blend. Because if I do, I sort of lose some of the color (if there is even any?) causing me to pack on some more of the color. 

4. Even the dark colors left me wanting more. They did not go on super dark and pigmented like I expected them to. And I am surprised because the matte black looked like it was going to pack a whole lotta punch to it. But alas, that one disappointed me to.

As with all eye shadows, make sure to apply an eyeshadow primer before applying these shadows as the colors may crease and fade. As for the pencil liner and sponge tip applicator, I don't really use any of them. But the black pencil liner does swatch pretty pigmented. Overall, I think this eyeshadow kit is nice to have if you are a fan of smooth textured, and easily blend-able shadows that give soft washes of color. But for a person like me, who likes a bit of strong, and bright pigmentation to their shadow colors, I would say skip this one. 

Do any of you have this beauty encyclopedia eyeshadow book from E.L.F. ? What do you all think of it? Let me know in the comments section lovelies!

Disclaimer: I purchased this product for my personal use.


  1. I have the back to school ones only, so I can't speak for these ones, but those are really good.

  2. I need to get that Palette... I love there makeup =-D

  3. I was totally disappointed with my
    "Neutrals" palette too. No matter wha kinda of base or brush i used the colors were horrible!

  4. @ Justine- I have the back to school-smoky eye edition palette and I love it so much! But this holiday edition palette let me down, boo :(

    @ Mzc1ark- I love E.L.F. products as well, but I have found that some of their products are a hit or miss for me. But rest assured that you will always find some great hidden gems from E.L.F., not to mention the FAB price!

    @ Mz. KeKe- I am sorry to hear that you did not have any luck with the neutrals palette. :( You could imagine my disappointment with this eyeshadow palette.

  5. I just got both tonight and I found the shadows to have a pretty dismal texture and awful pigmentation. None of them swatch nicely.
    I think I'm going to return them tomorrow. The colours just aren't unique to keep.

  6. I agree! I don't know what went wrong with this set of eyeshadows? I purchased a smoky eye back to school edition this fall, and they were gorgeous and very pigmented as well too. I guess these recent ones just aren't very up to par with the older ones :(