MAC Venomous Villains: Part 1- Lipsticks-Heartless, Toxic Tale, Innocence, Beware!

Hey Dolls!

How is everything going with you all? I hope you are all doing well. Finally, I have some free time to show you all what I purchased from MAC's latest collection-Venomous Villains. First, and foremost I want to say that I am going to be splitting up this Venomous Villains haul post into 2 sections. The reason being is because I kind of went crazy with pictures and swatches, and it is very picture heavy LOL! I did not get much from the collection-just 5 items. Three lipsticks, one beauty powder, and a nail polish. I may go back to get a few more things-I don't know, we shall see. I love Disney characters and I was so excited about this collection that was released. I am very happy with the items I piked up, and not to mention the sleek packaging. I am loving the shiny black with the villain characters! (Click All Images for Enlargement).

For part one of the Venomous Villains post, I will show you all the three lipsticks I picked up.

Left To Right: Heartless, Toxic Tale, Innocence, Beware!

Left To Right: Heartless, Toxic Tale, Innocence. Beware!

Left To Right: Heartless, Toxic Tale, Innocence, Beware! (With Flash)

Left To Right: Heartless, Toxic Tale, Innocence, Beware!

Heartless (Natural Light-No flash)

Heartless (No Flash)

Heartless is from the Cruella de vil collection. I realized I have never owned a pretty, basic red lipstick from MAC and I decided to start with Heartless. Heartless is a gorgeous medium toned red that I think would be safe to say, would be suitable for all skin tones. I think you can't go wrong with your everyday, basic red. I love that the formula is amplified-feels creamy and smooth on the lips. My lip swatch picture does not do Heartless justice. It is much more deeper, and redder than the picture shows. In the lip picture above it appears a bit orange. But trust me, it's very red indeed. It is not an "in your face" kind of red that is screaming for attention. I don't know, I guess I was kind of hopping that it would be a bit brighter once on my lips as I am a fan of bright lipsticks. But I am happy to have this red lipstick in my collection. I can't wait to pair it with smoky cat eyes. Very retro chic!

Toxic Tale (Natural Light-No flash)

Toxic Tale (Natural Light)

Toxic Tale is from the Evil Queen collection. I saw swatches of Toxic Tale online before I purchased it and I knew I had to have it! I love bright lippies and Toxic Tale did not disappoint. Toxic Tale is a very bright coral color. I think I see a little, tiny hint of red maybe? I could be wrong. I am not very experienced when it comes to describing exact colors LOL! This is an opaque satin lipstick which feels nice on my lips-not drying. I thought Toxic Tale was similar to Impassioned lipstick-also by MAC. But Impassioned has more pink in it, and Toxic Tale has much more coral in it. 

Innocence, Beware! (Natural Light-No Flash)

Innocence, Beware! (Natural Light)

Innocence, Beware! also from the Cruella de vil collection, is a must have item if you are a fan of nude colored lipsticks. I love nude lipsticks, as much as I love brights. I was worried that Innocence, Beware! would wash me out but believe it or not, it looks amazing on. It's one of those kind of nude lipsticks that looks natural on you without giving you the appearance of corpse lips LOL! Innocence, Beware! falls in between a soft pink with a tiny hint of beige mixed in. I love how this gives my lips a shiny look to them-I am guessing it's the cremesheen formulation that does this. And in case if any of you are wondering if Innocence, Beware! is similar to Myth lipstick by MAC, it's definitely not. Myth has a lot more pale beige in it, while Innocence, Beware! has more pink tones in it. I have been wearing Innocence, Beware! quite frequently and I think I want to go back to MAC and try and get a back-up of this LOL!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the MAC Venomous Villains series! Thank You all for stopping by, and let me know if any of you picked up anything from the collection, or are planning to!


  1. oh I tried the cruela da vill lipstick but it didnt looked good on me,,, so I got the lipglass instead, But I wanna get the lipstick so bad just the color is so pretty, it looks so good on you =)

  2. Thank You Amandita! I love the color, but I think next time I will be on the lookout for a more brighter red. I love my brights! :)

  3. Toxic tale is verryy nice!

  4. I love it! Very fun and bright :)