Fashion's Night Out 2010: Vinny from Jersey Shore at C.O. Bigelow!

Hey Dolls!

I hope the weekend is treating you all well. As you all may know, on Friday was Fashion's Night Out and when I found out that Vinny from MTV's Jersey Shore was going to be making an appearance at C.O. Bigelow, I knew I had to be there! I went with the hub, and we later met up with some friends. There were lots of girls and guys (but mostly girls, though LOL!) anxiously waiting to have their picture taken with Vinny. Vinny arrived on time, at 7 PM in a black town car and he looked so handsome! Surprisingly, the line was not too bad, even though it led from the inside of the store to the corner of the block, and possibly further!. We were waiting in line for about maybe 30-40 minutes. Not bad at all. I was so nervous when it was finally our turn to take a picture with Vinny. I did not know whether to give him a hug or shake his hand-I ended up shaking his hand and saying hi. Then we took the picture, I thanked him and that was that. LOL!

Overall, it was a fun night and meeting one of my favorite Jersey Shore characters was a great experience. Did any of you go to any special events in celebration of Fashion's Night Out? Let me know in the comments section, I would love to hear.

Here are some pictures of the event!

Vinny, the hub, and I

Vinny has arrived!