Fashion Crave: ASOS- City Chic

Hey Everyone!
I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday evening. Welcome to another Fashion Crave post. The theme here is City Girl Chic. I put this outfit together with the help of Polyvore, of course. This ensemble is all about being comfortable, and fashionable at the same time. This is something I would wear for a night out at a bar with friends, or to go on a stroll in the city with the hub.

I don't know if you are all aware that I am in love with cardigans. I wear one (especially in the fall/winter) almost everyday. They are so comfy and easy to wear. To me, cardigans are one of those fashion pieces that are reliable. They go with everything and they add a touch of sophistication to any outfit-weather it be jeans, tees, tanks, skirts, or a dress. If you aren't a fan of the loose cardigan look, I suggest belting it around the waist so it can accentuate gorgeous curves.

The only kind of jean style that I sport all the time is skinny. I love skinny jeans and how they hug my curves and not to mention, they help make my boo-tay look pretty darn good LOL! I love dark rinse jeans-hey, did you know that jeans with dark rinses actually help make one appear slimmer?

I remember way back when I actually used to love clogs and would wear them all the time-when I was about 6-7 years old. I can't believe I actually remember what they looked like. They were white, and I wore them all the time! They were very comfy. I thought clogs were a thing of the past, but here they are again this season, and the styles available are beautiful! Clogs look great with skinny jeans, or if you want to add a hippie vibe to your look, throw on some flared jeans, and you are good to go.

OK, I know the price is ridiculous-but let's forget about that factor. Just look at this bag! OMG! How I long to own a Chanel bag one day. I am set to make it happen! Of course, I would have to start saving money as soon as possible LOL! I think this gorgeous quilted Chanel bag is perfect for every occasion. It's especially great for dressing up your casual weekend wear, or sporting it on a night out on the town.

I love bangles! I have a set of silver ones (sort of similar to these) that I purchased from Forever 21 last year, and I wear them almost everyday. Bangles are a great accessory for day or night. Love!

What are your favorite pieces to wear when it comes to being casual and comfy?

I hope you all enjoyed this Fashion crave post! Thank you all for stopping by.
All Image credits-www.ASOS.COM

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