Product Review: SK-II Skin Signature Cream

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 I was contacted a few weeks ago by a very lovely PR representative for luxury brand SK-II, and was given the opportunity to try the Sk-II Skin Signature Moisturizing Cream ($205.00 for 2.8 FL. OZ). The Sk-II Signature Cream is intended to help with anti-aging issues. This cream contains Vitamin B3, Pitera (TM) which is a rich formula that contains age-defying properties, and Oil-Vityl (TM)-all combined to help condition, and hydrate the skin while at the same time helping it retain it's firmness and elasticity. This cream can be used as part of your daytime regimen, the night time, or both. According to an information sheet I received along with the cream, it read that "In an Sk-II consumer study, respondents noticed a visible improvement in skin firmness after four weeks." (Note: I was sent a 2.7 Fl. OZ size, but on the Sk-II website it reads that the product amount for this cream is available in 2.8 FL. OZ).

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 SK-II Skin Signature Cream

I have been using this cream on my face for about 3 weeks now as part of my daytime regimen. I don't really like to apply any sort of creams to my face come night time, except for my acne creams and such. Since I don't really have concerns about aging at this time in my life, I can't really say how well this cream would work for improving skin firmness and elasticity. I have based my review on my experience with the product.

Mini SK-II Spatula
First and foremost, I love the red jar packaging. I think it looks very luxurious, and fancy. I also appreciate that a spatula is included with this cream. This is great for those who are concerned with hygiene when it comes to dipping fingers in jars. I decided that I would use this cream as my daytime moisturizer. When I first opened up the jar of the cream, I noticed there was no smell to it, so I like the fact that it is unscented. I must admit, the first time I applied this moisturizer, I got a little carried away and used a lot of product-bad idea! My face felt sticky, and I felt as if the moisturizer was never going to sink into my skin. The next time I applied the cream, I used just a bit of product-boy, did that make a difference. I felt as if the cream gave my face a cooling sensation as I was applying it into my skin, and it felt really nice. After application, my face was left feeling smooth, non-shiny, and non-sticky. I liked how healthy my complexion looked. Texture-wise, this cream feels very rich, and creamy-it does not feel heavy at all.

Ingredients on back of the box

I have very dry, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. Imagine my surprise when this cream did not cause any breakouts for me. This cream is semi thick and creamy in texture, and most rich and texturized creams tend to break me out and cause my skin to go in a frenzy! But I did not experience any of the sort with this cream by Sk-II.

What really sold me was how easily my mineral foundation glided on my face, and how good it looked. Sometimes my mineral foundation can go on powdery, which sometimes leaves my face looking cakey. To fix the caked-on foundation look problem, I usually spritz on some sort of skin-refresher and that seems to do the trick.Since using the Sk-II Skin Signature cream as my moisturizer before applying my foundation, it makes the foundation go on more easily and my face looks smooth and flawless.

1. Unscented
2. Feels very moisturizing and hydrating
3. Contains a rich and creamy texture that does not feel heavy on the skin
4. Sleek packaging
5. Contains spatula
6. Makes foundation go on smoother
7. A little bit of product goes a long way 

1. The price is a bit steep as this is a more luxury brand-but the amount you get is pretty generous, and a little bit of product goes a long way.
2. I wish this cream contained some sort of SPF in it. I did use this moisturizer in the daytime, but my mineral foundation contains SPF in it.
3. If you use too much of the product, the face can be left feeling a bit tacky to the touch.

Overall, I really like this moisturizing cream by Sk-II. I have never tried a high-end luxury brand when it comes to skin care. This cream is like my little lap of luxury, and I am impressed :) If any of you are looking to find a nice and rich textured moisturizing cream, that can provide anti-aging benefits (it's never too late or early to prevent and treat aging skin), and don't mind the high-price tag, then I definitely suggest you give this product a try.
have any of you tried any products by SK-II? Let me know in the comments!

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Disclaimer: I received this product by PR for review purposes only. I am not getting any compensation for my review. All opinions expressed are from my experience with the product, and they are comprised of my honest thoughts. For more information about my disclosure policies, please click the disclaimer link above.


  1. I love this cream so light yet so moisturized. I noticed my skin getting firmer.

  2. I really like this cream as well. I have noticed that while I have been using it close to a month now, my skin is much more even and my complexion is brighter and looks so much healthier than it did before. I thing this moisturizer is kind of HG status for me. I love it!

  3. I have been using the skii facial treatment essence and treatment cleanser for 6 months, it is amazing! I have super sensitive skin as well and most high end products just don't mesh well but this is truely the best, hardly any breakouts anymore and my skin texture has impoved so so much. Just purchased my first tub of the signature cream so fingers crossed :)

  4. Hey Jacqui,

    I am glad you are loving other products from SK-II. I hope you love the cream as much as I do, and I am definitely going to check out that cleanser! Thanks for the recommendation *_*

  5. Hi, do you think this cream is suitable for normal/combination skin type? (t-zones oily)

  6. I have a pretty oily T-Zone as well and when I was using this moisturizer it did not really interfere with my oily areas. But also, it didn't completely subside the oil, either.
    All in all, I think it would be fine to use for your normal/combo skin type. Just remember, a little goes a long way, seeing as this moisturizer is very rich.

    Thanks for stopping by :)