Huge E.L.F. Deal!

Hey Dolls!

I wanted to let you all in on a great sale E.L.F. is having on their site. With any purchase of $20 or more, you will receive 10 brightening eyeshadow quads of your choice FREE! Just enter code EGEYEFREE at checkout. They are also offering free shipping on orders over $30 with code THIRTY. This sale is only good till August 23, so get those orders in!

Are any of you planning on taking advantage of this great deal from E.L.F.?

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  1. I just got some E.L.F Products, like 20 minutes ago, but from the store. I only order things online if I really want/need and I can't find in stores. But wow! That's a great deal.

  2. I ordered during the free shipping code, so I am passing on this one, but it's a good one, not a fan of those shadows though, but you get tons of them!

    Are you in Canada?

  3. @ Natasha- The stores around me that have E.L.F. stuff, usually does not have a great selection of products-and that includes my local Target. Every time go to Target to check out the E.L.F. display, a lot of the stuff is already gone by then LOL! But of course, online is a better selection :)

    @ Justine- I know what you mean, some products from E.L.F. are a hit or miss for me but I usually don't mind seeing as the prices are so cheap, it's impossible to pass up LOL! My favorite eyeshadow quad from E.L.F. is Drama-it's a perfect quad to create smokey eyes with, and all of the shadows are very pigmented.

    I reside in New York City. I would love to go to Canada someday :) I bet it's beautiful and I am sure I can find great beauty products that we can't get here in the U.S.

  4. i've been eyeing this for a while. Like I really need more makeup lol. Check out my giveaway please : )

  5. @ Danielle- I know! I am the same way...I can never have enough LOL!