Fashion Crave: Payless-Back To School Shoe Edition

When it comes to cute, chic, and affordable shoes-Payless has you covered. For this edition of fashion crave, I am going to be featuring some of my show picks from Payless Shoe Source. These styles would be perfect for school. Isn't it great how Payless, quite often has a BOGO 1/2 off sale? Love! While writing this post, I am sort of having a flashback moment when back when I was in middle school people would be harassed (including me!) constantly, if our shoes came from really? Shoes are shoes-back then I really did not feel the need to buy a pair of sneakers that cost $100. Why would I? I was not out to impress anybody. If the shoes look good, and are decently priced-why not? Kids...LOL! Thankfully, times have changed and we can all buy shoes from anywhere without getting picked on-even if they are $1.00! As it should be. Ok, enough of my rant.

Here are my faves!

I love the look of these booties. The zippers give a rocker chic vibe to these booties that I love-especially in the fall/winter months. These booties have a chunky, and short 2.5 Inch heel that I am sure would make for very easy, and comfortable walking. I can see these shoes looking great with leggings, and skinny jeans, or jeggings.

I am sure you all remember who Christian Soriano is. He is the was the winner of season 4 of Project Runway. He has his own show line for Payless and I love all of the shoes in his line. They look very high-end, and best part is that they are at a great price point. I know these pumps would probably be a little too much for school, but I had to include a sexy shoe for those weekend night outings with friends. These pumps are to die for. The patent leather Croc texture, the gold lining in the shoe, and the gold detail on the shoe, gives them a more luxurious look. These pumps would look great for the office, or paired for a night out with a dress or some dark skinny jeans. 

Isabel Toledo Metallic Ghillie Flat ($34.99)

I have been seeing many of shoes like this in style for the summer-often paired with shorts or a pretty and flirty summer dress. I love how the pop of metallic silver gives one a sudden pop of color, and the drawstring lace sort of gives the flat a sporty vibe. I can definitely see the flats working in the fall with a skirt, dress, skinny jeans, or leggings/tights. If metallic silver isn't really your style, these flats are available in the color black as well.

Wedges are a must in everybody's shoe closet! They add height, while at the same time being comfortable and stylish. I love how this wedge is a peep toe and has a fun and flirty knot tie at the front. Some of my favorite ways to wear wedges is with a pair of jeans, a dress, or a skirt.

I love the look of these peep-toes flats. I guess what attracted me is the way there is a beautiful braiding detail on the shoe. Very fun, and unexpected. Would pair really nicely with a pair of skinny jeans and a rolled up sleeve checkered blouse.

What do you all think of Payles shoes? Love them? See anything you like from my shoe picks? Let me know in the comments section.

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above.


  1. I was actually eyeing up those payless shoes too,, but payless quality tends to be not so great, even though the price is great. ;)

  2. Payless is a good place to shop if you want stylish affordable shoes. Great picks!

  3. ughhhh. you are going to make me have to stop by payless! i love all of these shoes.

  4. @ Justine- I agree about some Payless shoes not being up to par in quality. I remember a few years ago I purchased a pair of really pretty sandals from there and I was saddened that the straps broke off! Ugh! But I learn to forgive and forget LOL!

    @ The Natural Fashionista- Thanks Girl!

    @ Courtney- LOL! I hope you find some great finds while you are there :)

  5. Nice shoes... the wedges are definitely my favorites =)

  6. @ Amandita- I love them too :) Thanks!

  7. O kewl! I really like those silver shoes! They're all unique n stuff lol ^.^

  8. I agree! I wish they would come in more colors, I think these are fun :)