Fashion Crave: American Eagle-Back To School Edition

Happy Monday!

Welcome to another installment of Fashion Crave. For today's post, I will be featuring clothing from one of my favorite stores for when it comes to comfort-American Eagle. I start school on Thursday and I don't know about you but, when it comes to dressing up for school I prefer to dress cool and comfy. I just throw on some skinny jeans, a tee, a cardigan and I am good to go. Oh, and did I mention that all of my jeans come from American Eagle? I just love the way they fit so perfectly. Shopping for the perfect jeans was a mission-but not anymore. American Eagle saved me from my jean dilema LOL!

Here are my cool for school comfy picks!

I am a huge fan of plaid shirts! I think they look great on everybody and they are super comfy as well. I like to wear shirts like these with skinny jeans tucked in a pair of black biker boots.

I love graphic tees-more so than plain ones. I don't know why, just something about different words or images on tees make me feel happy and giddy (I hope that didn't come off dumb LOL!). I just pop one under a cardigan or a hooded sweater and I feel cool and comfy for the day. These tees come in many different graphic prints, and is so hard trying to not buy them all-well, at least for me hahaha!

I like how this cardigan has a flowy feel and look to it. Would look great paired with jeans, flats or boots. To add some shape, try belting it as well. I like to wear cardigans and hooded sweaters to school because sometimes my classrooms can get a bit chilly because of the high air conditioning going on. I wish they would lower it down sometimes, it is so annoying and not to mention, hard to concentrate when the room feels like it's below 0 degrees!

I love destroyed denim. I have been a fan of that sort of ripped look for many years now. I think it adds a tough edge to your look. I also really like this gray colored jean. Such a nice change from your usual dark rinse, and blue denim. 

When it comes to accessories for school, I like to play it up as much as I can. I think this watch is perfect for adding a little touch of sophistication to any outfit I am especially loving the gold links. And at $29.50, you can't beat the price.

You can't go wrong with scarves this upcoming fall/winter. They add a little extra something to your outfit, and they keep your neck snug and warm on those chilly days and nights.

Do any of you all like shopping at American Eagle for some essentials? What are your favorite stores to shop in when it comes to back to school shopping? Let me know in the comments section :)

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  1. I always have an issue finding jeans I love, Im going to try AE. & oversized accessories are my fav!

  2. Hey Jessica! Yes, I suggest you try looking at the Aamerican Eagle jeans-they are amazing!!!!