Beauty Crave: Sephora

Hey Dolls!

Happy Thursday! I hope your day is going well :) Here is another installment of Beauty Crave (haven't done one of these in awhile either LOL!) In this post I will be showing you all some beauty products that can be found in Sephora, that I am interested in and find intriguing.

Let's get started!

I have a few Tarte products such as their multiplEye mascara and the Smooth Operator foundation both which have blown my mind. Tarte never disappoints, and I am sure this lip stain is another winner. I have never ventured into the world of lip stains but I do know that lip stains are used to give a pretty subtle natural color to lips. I love that this moisture boosting lip stain (as well as other Tarte products) contain natural, good for your skin ingredients and is free from parabens and other gunk that we can do without. Lipsurgence from Tarte comes in many pretty shades. I have my eye on Lively, which is described as a hot pink. You all know how much I love my pink lips :)

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, Urban Decay sure knows how to pick them and make them. I am so excited about the new Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette which contains 12 neutral eye shadows that I am sure will tickle anybody's fancy. As far as finishes go, the Naked palette contains shimmers, satins, mattes, and metallic-Love all of these different choices! I see the Naked palette being appropriate for those who want a simple, neutral day look and it can even work for creating a more smokier eye for nights out. I love the color gunmetal (metallic gray), it looks amazing.

The Vegan eyeshadow palette is a great palette. It contains 6 vegan eye-shadows that is sure to win the makeup hearts of many animal lovers :) I wish more makeup companies wouldn't test on animals or use animal-by products. This palette includes neutral-like colors, and they even added a nice pop of teal blue and icy green. And as usual with most Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, it comes with a pencil eyeliner in Zero (black) and a mini primer potion in Sin which is a frosty champagne color. How adorable is the packaging? Love!

What are you all have your eyes on at the moment makeup-wise? Let me know in the comments, and let me know if any of you have any of the items mentioned above. I would love to hear your thoughts :)

Have a great one loves!

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above.


  1. Nice! I recently did a post, products I am lusting over too.. I think I will do that as a monthly thing cause there are always products that I want to try out.

    That tarte lip stain is on my list too, I saw channelesque do a review of it on ty, and possibly others, don't remember and it looks really nice.

  2. hello pretty!
    oooh the NAKED palette from urban decay is really an eye candy :)

  3. Hey Justine! I have never tried a lip stain and I am very intrigued by them. They seem so easy to apply and I am sure they are time savers as well. I may try a drugstore lip stain and try them out to see if I like them for me :)

    Hey oOchaoO! How are you Hun? I hope all is going well for you :) I know! That Naked eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay looks amazing. I hope to get my hands on it sometime :)