Nail Of The Day: Konad

Hey Beauties! TGIF!

It is finally Friday and the weekend will soon be upon us. How was your week? I hope you all enjoy the weekend to come :) I wanted to show you all what I am currently sporting on my nails.
I haven't Konad-ed my nails in awhile and I forgot how much fun it is doing so, not to mention a very relaxing, and stress relieving hobby :) I was feeling under the weather last night and I decided to get a bit creative with my nails and after I was finished, I felt happy and at peace again :) Here are some pictures and products used listed below them. Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you all enjoyed this post! (click all images to enlarge)

Left To Right:
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in Invisible used as base coat
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish in Mango Motion-2 coats on nails
Konad Special Polish in Black
Konad Clear Top Coat

Used image plate m64. I stamped on the abstract image on the bottom right hand corner

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. These products were purchased by me for my personal use.


  1. Ok now that is one striking manicure. The color is great, the Konading perfect. :)
    Isn't it something how doing our nails can make us feel better. :)

  2. Cute! Wish I was good at Konad.

  3. hey there I just nominated you for an " I love your blog award" check it out =)

  4. I am loving that nail color. Man, so many Konad nail posts lately. Y'all are making me want some! Haha. Very pretty! :)

  5. love it! that color is pretty

  6. I love the nail!! I gave you an award

  7. i can`t get over how good that looks! i love those two colors together. i defff need to get me a konad kit.

  8. @ Susie- Thank You so much! And yes I agree when you say doing nails makes us feel better when things aren't going well. They immedietly make me forget about the problems :)

    @ Heather- Thank you! Just keep on practicing girl. When I first got my Konad kit I was a mess LOL! But I saw tutorial videos on you tube which helped a lot.

    @ Amandita- Thank you hun! I appreciate it :)

    @ Mellie- Thank You Mellie! Get yourself some konad hun. It so much fun!!!

    @ Jess- Thanks hun!

    @ Julisa- Thanks doll!

    @ VivaciousRo- Thanks so much hun!

    @ Courtney- I am glad you like it hun! I love how black and pink/coral compliment each other beautifully. Black polish paired with a bright colored polish really makes the nail pop out.

  9. Your nails came out HOT! Before I saw the plate I was wondering if you did the designs by hand! good job

  10. I love it!!!

    Ive found that my konad nail stamps dont work as good after awhile, has that happened to you??? Im a new follower btw :)

  11. @ Kim- Thanks Hun! I wish I could do this by hand LOL!

    @ Leah- Thanks doll! Hmmm, I have not had any problems with the nail stamp at all, thankfully everything works just as good as when I first got the product. Thanks for following girl and I hope you keep on enjoying this site and find it helpful :)

  12. mango motion is so pretty!

    just followed your blog.. it's really nice ;)

  13. Thanks hun! I love Mango Motion as well. I have been using this color a lot as a pedi color as well. Perfect for the summer :) And thank you for following! I am glad you enjoy this site *_*

  14. Very nice design and color. You did a fabulous job.

  15. i also like this plate... looks like abstract design.. perfect!