MAC To The Beach-Get-Away Bronze

Hey Beauties!

I stopped by my MAC store yesterday and had to purchase the other blush that was released with the to the beach collection, Get-Away Bronze. I have read so many things about how this blush is perfect for all skin tones but I was interested in the fact that for those with fair/light skin tones, Get-Away Bronze is considered to be rge perfect bronze blush that won't make the face look muddy or dirty, like some bronzers tend to do.

Get-Away Bronze is a frost, meaning that it does contain some sheen in it. This blush has the perfect hints of brown, and gold that would compliment everybody beautifully. The powder is very fine, and easily blended. It contains very fine golden shimmers. The golden shimmer does show up on the cheeks a bit, but it is not too much or over pronounced at all. I just see a soft golden sheen on my cheeks-perfect for summer!
I like to apply this blush with a stippling brush. I find that by using a stippling brush, it makes applying this product goof-proof and it helps blend the color seamlessly into your skin.

Here are some pictures (click images to enlarge):

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Have any of you tried Get-Away Bronze? Let me know how you feel about it :) Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all enjoyed!


  1. I love this collection! I was thinking of getting a bronzer but now after your review I might try this one!~It seems like such a great color! Thanks!

  2. YAY! I hope you give it a try and you love it as much as I do :)

  3. Great review! This blush looks interesting. I haven't been keeping up with blogs or makeup for a while, but this is definitely something I'd be interested in trying.

  4. Hey Mellie! Thanks hun! I know what you mean, I am a little behind in keeping up with blogs as well, but I am catching up slowly LOL! I hope you try this blush out. I bet it would look gorgeous on your complexion ;)