Aldo STENN Wedges

Hey Dolls!

As promised, here are some pics of my new favorite summer staple-wedges! These are the Stenn wedges ($75.00) I purchased from Aldo last night. These are my first ever Aldo shoes and I am pretty excited about them. I love the neutral color of the sandals (they are available in gray as well). Neutral colored sandals are great because they go with anything and everything.

One thing I noticed about these sandals is that they are super high (duh Alina, obviously LOL!). They are 4.5 inches high. They do help in adding height to my already 5"6 frame. So if you are one who is looking for height, these babies definitely deliver. The soles are made of rubber which is great because it helps prevent any slips and falls. Knowing me, I am pretty clumsy so this is a huge plus-especially with wedges as high as these. I love the gold details on the sandals as well. So pretty and chic is I do say so myself :) I wonder if these wedges are going to kill my feet? LOL! I will officially know the answer to that question when I finally wear them out for the first time next weekend (crosses fingers).

Click all images to enlarge (please pardon my messy room):

Thanks for stopping by loves! What do you all think of wedges? Are they on your fashion must haves list for summer? Let me know!

Click here to check out Stenn at the Aldo website.


  1. ive been eyeing those! theyre soo cute. I love all my aldo shoes, im sure you'll love yours too

  2. I love those wedges!
    They looks gorgeous on you (-:

  3. These are really cute and the color is also very nice.

  4. @ Jessica-Aren't they cute? They are super comfortable to walk in too. I wore them yesterday with a pair of jeans and I had no discomfort while walking in them. I can't wait to try more wedges! So much more comfortable than heels LOL!

    @ Anja-Thank You hun!

    @ Notes for beauty-Thank you girl!

  5. just want 2 say the blog is dope and 2 keep up the good work. check out and let us no wat u think. maybe cop a shirt lol thank u