Haul: MAC To The Beach

Hey Beauties!

TGIF! What do you all have planned for this memorial day weekend? I hope you all enjoy it and spend all this weekend having fun and relaxing :)

Yesterday as soon as I woke up I just had to go to my local MACY'S MAC counter to check out the much buzzed about collection-To The Beach. When I arrived I was so overwhelmed by all that was released in this collection. I had my heart on getting the popular Marine Life Highlighter and I am so happy that the MAC counter had a bunch of them still available. I was worried that they would have sold out of it already because it is even sold out on the MAC website! LOL! But hopefully MAC restocks soon :) I wanted to ask you all about the lustre drops that also came out with the collection. Have any of you tried them? I am thinking about picking up pink rebel-it looks like it would be a gorgeous highlight color. Let me know what you all think of them.

Here are pictures, some swatches, and product descriptions of what I picked up. Thank You all for stopping by and I hope you all enjoy! Did any of you pick up anything from To The Beach collection? Let me know :) (Click All Images To Enlarge)

MAC High-Light Powder in Marine Life

This highlight powder is so pretty! Gosh did you all see the beautiful gold over spray? Gorgeous! It really adds a special touch to this powder. But sadly, I have read reviews and they all have written that the gold over spray goes away the first or second time this powder is used :( But I am sure the beautiful soft pink and coral colors will make up for it LOL! The seahorse image is beautiful as well. I can't wait to use it for an upcoming look of the day.

MAC Powder Blush in Hipness

Hipness is a packaged in a cute green compact that has a gorgeous starfish image on the lid. This blush definitely screams beach to me. I would describe this blush as a soft coral color infused with a tiny hint of cool pink and fine golden shimmers. I am sure this blush would look amazing on all skin tones, especially with a tan. Love!

MAC Eye Shadow in Shimmermoss

Left To Right: MAC Eye Shadows in Shimmermoss and Sweet & Punchy

Left To Right: Sweet & Punchy, Shimmermoss

I picked up two eye shadows from this collection (both are veluxe pearls). Sweet & Punchy was one that really stood out to me because I really don't have anything that is quite similar to this color and it is a gorgeous shimmery chartreuse green color. I have brown eyes and I am sure this color will make them stand out even more. I also picked up Shimmermoss which is a really pretty frosty teal color. Both of these shadows are very smooth, pigmented and they are perfect for creating shimmery fun in the sun summer eye looks. I want to mention that in the swatch pictures above, Shimmermoss looks a bit silver. I could not photograph this eyeshadow color well but trust me when I say that there is much more teal to the color in real life than the picture shows.

MAC Lipglass in Splashing

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Lazy Day

Left To Right: Mac Lipglass in Splashing, Lipstick in Lazy Day

I am a huge fan of anything pink when it comes to lip products, so I had to pick up these two pink lip products. Splashing Lipglass is a really pretty soft pink that contains very fine gold shimmer. I love how this lipglass is so pigmented. I can't wait to wear this gloss on top of other pink lippies like MAC Angel, and Pink Nouveau. Lazy Day lipstick is a gorgeous cool toned soft pink. I love how smoothly it goes on the lips too.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the company mentioned above. I purchased all the products mentioned in this post with my money for my personal use.


  1. Lovely high light powder. But unfortunately, I'm not into shimmery stuff. :( My Bobbi Brown shimmer brick is buried underneath my stash. :(

    Great hauls! Please show me pics of you wearing lazy day. been contemplating if I'm getting that or not. :) I've spent so much on the pret-a-papier collection. But seems like to the beach is hard to resist. :p

  2. Thanks hun! Oh no, poor Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick hehehe it wants to be used LOL!

    I will definitely be putting up lip swatches of the lipstick and gloss soon. :)

  3. Oh man, I wanted the highlight powder, but its already sold out online. :[

    I hope they have it at my local MAC counter.

  4. I hope you can find it hun :) I am sure that many counters still have some available.

  5. Oh wow It really looks like a great collection for the summer... thanks for sharing =)

  6. Your welcome Amandita. I am glad you enjoyed!