Product Rave: Tweezerman Pink Polka Dot Mini Slant Tweezers

Hey Loves!

Spring Break has finally come to an end for me. It was fun while it lasted. I had a great Spring Break-can't complain. I relaxed, I slept, and I enjoyed the beautiful weather that we have been having lots of lately here in New York. How is everything going on your end ladies? I hope you have all been doing well :)

I stopped by my local Sephora store yesterday, and I spotted the most adorable tweezers I have ever seen-the Tweezerman Pink Polka Dot Mini Slant Tweezers ($15.00). I have always used these no-name brand tweezers and they did the job, but my eyebrows would always have a few little hairs left over that I just couldn't pull out. Don't you hate that? Well, ladies and gentlemen that has all changed for me with the Tweezerman. I am not kidding you that these babies will pull out every bit of hair you have. No matter if it's long or short-it's coming out! I love how fast I can pluck my eyebrows now, because literally this tweezer is fool-proof, it's easy to shape your eyebrows, and it gets the job done with very minimal effort. (click images for enlargement)

There are many other varieties of the Tweezerman tweezers as well as the full size, but I love pink so I got the mini pink polka-dot one. The tweezer tips are made of stainless steel and these babies are really sharp-it's a good thing that the tweezers come with their own protective tip cover. I have never tweezed with such a sharp tool in my life!

Overall, I definitely recommend you go pick yourself up some Tweezerman tweezers. I know some of you may not be happy about the $15.00 price tag, but I believe it is worth it. These tweezers truly changed the way I do my eyebrows. Love! Did I mention these mini tweezers are perfect for carrying in your purse when you are on the go?

Tweezerman tweezers can be found at your nearby Sephora store, or the
Sephora website. Have any of you tried tweezers by Tweezerman? Let me know in the comments section, I want to hear your thoughts :)

Happy Tweezing!

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above.


  1. Isn't it? LOL! Don't let the cuteness fool you-these babies get to work!

  2. cool...i like threading better.. good review

  3. Thanks Girl!

    I have always wanted to try threading my eyebrows. I have seen the results and they are fab! :)

  4. Hey, I have something for you in my blog!