Mini-Haul: Wet n' Wild

Hey dolls!

the weekend is finally here! Was it just me, or did this week go by pretty quickly? What are your plans for the weekend? Doing anything exciting? This weekend I am just going to take it easy, relax, and work on a music essay I have to hand in by Monday.

I stopped by Walgreens yesterday and picked up a few new wet n' Wild items. Here are some pictures and descriptions of the items.
(click all images for a larger view of the products).

Left to Right: Kaleidoscope, Sunny Side Up

Zoya Akyra With 3 coats of wet n' Wild Kaleidoscope

I purchased two Wet n' Wild High Shine nail polishes ($.99 each!). Kaleidoscope is a gorgeous glitter polish. It is clear based and contains semi-chunky holographic silver glitters that reflect red, green, and blue. I bought this polish mainly for the fact to apply it over my solid polishes to give them a little more oomph. I don't really have many glitter based nail colors but I have seen the light! And now I know what all the hype is about. Kaleidoscope applies really easily and you get glitter covered nails in no time-about 2-3 thin coats and you are good to go. The glitter feels a little gritty but the grittiness softens up after you apply a clear top coat.

I also bought Sunny Side Up which is a gorgeous orange cream. I do not own an orange like this one and I am so excited to wear this color for my next nail of the day. Stay tuned for that post! I will let you all know how that color applies and how I feel about it.

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Princess

Swatch of Wet n' Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Princess

I have been looking for a really good bronzer since it is starting to warm up outside and I want a product that adds a bit of warmth to my complexion and I think I found it. I purchased Wet n' Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Princess ($3.29) which is a golden based bronzer that contains fine golden shimmers. I don't think (at least on me) that the shimmers are too pronounced. After I apply, I am left with a nice healthy glow on my skin. I use this bronzer to contour and it works great for that! It is very pigmented (a little goes a long way), it blends easily and I love that it does not look orange on my skin. The brush that Princess comes with is not bad at all. It is angled (great for getting a precise application right where you want it) and the bristles are not too soft or floppy-which results in an uneven application. The bristles are pretty sturdy and a bit firm. The only thing that I am not loving about this bronzer is the fact that it is too soft. When I swipe my blush brush onto the bronzer, there is a bunch of loose fallout that results from this. But it is something I can get over. I really do love this bronzer LOL!

Have any of you tried any of the items I have mentioned? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments section.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and Thank You all for stopping by. Stay tuned for more Wet n' wild posts...I am definitely going to be picking up more of their new products :)

For more information on Wet n' Wild and their products check them out at your nearby drugstore and their website


  1. Wet n' Wild has definitely stepped up their game! I remember I used to wear this brand back in high school, but the quality was crap. But these days, I love their trio eyeshadow palettes! Sooo freakin' cheap! But so deeply rich & pigmented =)

  2. Yes Girl! I totally agree with you :) I have to try the new trio palettes!!!