Top 5 Favorite Drugstore Buys!

Hey Dolls! I hope all is well :)

I wanted to share with you all my top 5 favorite drugstore staple beauty bargains-from foundations to mascara...I got you covered when you all go shopping for beauty items on your next drugstore trip LOL!

Foundation: Revlon Photoready ($13.99)
I love this liquid foundation. Not only does it feel very light on my skin, it is also oil-free and fragrance free. Did I mention that this foundation has an awesome pump? A quality that a lot of foundation packaging lacks. To get more info about Revlon Photoready and to read my review on it as well as see some swatches, click HERE.

Mascara: Cover Girl Lash Blast ($7.99) This is hands down my HG mascara and I can not talk about it enough! It separates my lashes without clumping them and gives my lashes length and volume like no other mascara has. I love the plastic giant brush-it's genius. Check out more of my praise for Lash Blast HERE.

Liquid Eyeliner- Wet n' Wild Mega Liner in Turquoise ($2.99)
This is the eyeliner for you if you want a pop of bright color on your lids. I love the brush of this liner as it makes for easy application and the pigmentation is amazing for a drugstore liner. You know how you have to go over the same line 10 times to get the color to show up? Don't worry, you wont experience that here. Love!

Lipstick: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Airy Fairy ($5.29) This lipstick by Rimmel is amazing! This is like the perfect nude lipstick. I love how this lipstick does not dry out my lips at all. It is very moisturizing and I love the fruity smell too. Click HERE to read my full review on it, as well as some swatches.

Makeup Remover Wipes: Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towelettes, Pack of 25 ($6.49)
These are my HG makeup remover wipes. These wipes are oil-free, contains vitamin E, vitamin B5, green leaf extract and grape extract. You can image the wipes have a great smell to them. They don't irritate my skin and 1 wipe always gets the job done for me. Love! Click HERE to check out my full review on this product.

What are your favorite drugstore beauty buys? Let me know in the comments section loves.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above. All of these products were purchased with my own money for my personal use.


  1. Love the foundation and the wet wipes from garnier!!Nice post!!

  2. thats a nice list pretty! :)

    my HG mascarra is also a drugstore product, its the maybelline cat's eye mascarra. but i would love to try lashblast too :)

  3. I love Cover Girl Lash Blast... it is the one mascara i know won't let me down... haha. Have you tried the neutrogena face wipes? If so do you think those Garnier wipes are better?

  4. @ Lovely Violet- Yay! I am glad you like the foundation and the wipes :)

    @ oOchaOo- Thanks so much hun! I have never heard of that mascara from Maybelline. Do you know if it is sold here in the US?

    @ TKO-I have tried the Neutrogena wipes, and I found that they weren't doing it for me. I don't think they were moisturizing enough and I never really felt like my face was truly clean, like I feel with the Garnier ones. I think you should def give those a try and see if they work for you :) I hope you like them as much as I do!

  5. I absolutely LOVE Lash Blast! Definitely my favorite and HG as well. I haven't tried the Wet N' Wild eyeliners, but I definitely want to now. I love that the handle is long--it looks easy to hold. :) Great post!

  6. Crazy color eyeliners are the best!

  7. @ Mellie- Thanks hun! I am not such a big fan of liquid eyeliners in terms of application, but it is super easy to apply the wet n ' wild mega liners and I want to get the other colors they have available as well :)

    @ Jessica- Yes! I def agree :)